Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Monday Evening - Evening at Sea

Tonight is the Captain Circle Party and then the Crown Grill for dinner.  Our party starts at 7 pm in Vista Lounge.  They had two parties, and the most travelled is a woman who has over 2,000 days.  Wow.  We enjoyed the party, it was quick, we got a drink and they even had little finger foods.  Which we have not seen for the last few parties we have attended. 

The Captain was in attendance as well as many of the officers, and he gladly posed for pictures too.  We sat near the back and we were surprised at how a few people just walked right in without even acknowledging the Captain.  But I am guessing they were not aware of who he was.

We walk forward towards Crown Grill for our 7:30 reservation.  We are sat at a lovely booth where we can enjoy the action.  Our server Glenn from the Philippines introduces himself.  Funny guy!

We are dining with Paul and Yvonne tonight and they received a bottle of champagne from their Travel Agent so we enjoyed that and then had a bottle of the Borolo from Italy to enjoy with dinner.

I started with the spinach/goat cheese/beet salad, then the Black and Blue Onion Soup.  For my entre I had the fillet mignon served with garlic fries, asparagus and mushrooms.  Everything was very very good.  We did notice that the soup was a smaller serving, still served in the same bowl but only came up to about the half way mark on the bowl.  Although I understand the smaller serving and find the serving to be just right it does look odd.  They may want to buy smaller bowls.

In the end I couldn’t eat all of my steak, I wanted to save room for dessert this time (as last time here we skipped dessert).  I had the chocolate obsession and it was perfect.  Paul had the Norman Love chocolate dessert which was a chocolate peanut butter bar and it looks beautiful.

We can hear the music being played in the Atrium and the balloons will be dropping soon.  What is so strange is all the tables and chairs are facing the center, but it is so hard to even get to the dance floor in the center because of all the chairs and tables filled with people.  Bernie giggles and says they look like zombies just staring at the dance floor with no one on it (cause they can’t get past the zombies – or maybe the dancers are afraid to walk past the zombies).  Anyways kidding aside the atmosphere is just not there so we move on.

I am too full to just sit down or go back to the cabin so we go for a stroll.  MUTS is showing the football game – but we are not into football.  We walk around the deck past the front and the gym and the wind is strong but we giggle as we try to make our way around. 

When we come back to the cabin we are in hysterics…. When we walk in the door we see a roll of toilet paper that has been rolled out and leads to the closed bathroom door.  When we open the door we see Woody wrapped in the toilet paper sitting on the toilet lid.  Oh and there is Jasper with his head in the garbage can like he is throwing up.  We can’t stop laughing.  Grenny our Steward has been a delight.

Off to sleep, we have one more day at sea. 

Things happening on board tonight:  British Invasion Show in Princess Theater (oh Bernie was chatting with a guy who was complaining about the music in the British Invasion Show that he didn’t recognize any of the music.  Bernie responded “really” the songs were all huge hits and that he grew up with them.  The guy responds grumpily “well I don’t know any of them and they should really play music for everyone”.  Bernie just couldn’t resist and says yeah you are too old for most of that music.  Boy one thing that doesn’t change is people like to complain.  Usually the first thing out of most people’s mouths when we chat with them is something negative.  When I respond that that is too bad they aren’t enjoying themselves they respond “oh I am enjoying myself”.  Life is short people!  So many people are at home having to work and would trade places in a heartbeat so embrace it all!

Back to what is happening on board tonight:  MUTS The Fault In Our Stars, Wheelhouse is playing Ad Libitum Trio (who just got on in Puerto Vallarta), Ballroom Dancing with The Tempo Quatro Band in Explorers, Pawel plays Piano Favorites in Crooners, Impressionist and Comedian Steve Caouette has three shows tonight 8, 9:15, and 10:30 in Vista Lounge, The Marriage Match Game Show, Abba Hour with DJ Sascha in One5 Lounge, Princess Pop Star Heat #3.

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