Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Morning – Turn Around Day

We wake early from the thrusters pulling into the port at around 6:15 am.  Argh… I have a headache too! 

I maneuver to the bathroom and try not to wake Bernie with the light as I stumble looking for an aspirin.  The other thing about this room is the closet is right at the foot of the beds so if you want to dress in private and not wake the other it is almost impossible.  But he is awake anyways.

Bernie heads down to get some coffees and we sip them in the room and contemplate what we should do for breakfast.  We know it will be a zoo in the Horizon Court but we attempt it at 9 am thinking maybe most are off already.


It is crazy!  Both sides are open and for some reason on this ship they have two entrances to the buffet open (at least for breakfast).  After struggling around the people getting food I opt just for some fruit and a bit of scrambled eggs.  I gave up trying to get hot food or bread cause of the crowds.  Really miss the outside station in the Horizon Court like other ships have that have the toast/pastries. 

I tell Bernie I am going to head aft to try and find a table, but they are all full so I head outside.  I get a table and put my stuff down and then head back in to let Bernie know where I am.  When I come back my plate is gone, boy they are efficient.  I walk back to the buffet and say to Bernie “I give up” and head back to the cabin when we both realize the dining room is open for breakfast till 9:30 so we head there.

There is only ten minutes before it closes and we are sat at a table for two.  The waiter quickly takes our juice order and food requests.  They feel really rushed around us.  The staff I am sure are trying to get this breakfast over and done with so they can do what they need to.

Back in the cabin the stewards are busy doing up the rooms for the new guest that are going to board in just a few hours.

I write up my blog from the evening before and try to post on line but it is down cause of the turnaround. 

So I pamper myself a bit with a facial and deep hair conditioning treatment and a long shower in that huge shower! 

At 10:15 we head down to the Piazza to have a coffee.  I did manage to get some pictures of the beautiful window suites on deck six forward. 

I see that the Princess Dancers and singers are rehearsing in the Atrium a new dance for the 50th Anniversary.  It reminds me of the Come Back New show they are doing, in fact it is the same song but the words have changed to reflect the anniversary.  I hope they preform it this voyage, if not I am sure I will see it in January on the Royal.

Bernie says he ran into Sami Baker our cruise director who just got on this voyage.  We sailed with Sami on the Star three years ago to South America.  Bernie went up to her and said “hi Sami, remember me” and she said your face looks familiar but I can place where/when and Bernie jokingly responds “WHAT and you said it was a night you would never forget” and they both laughed. 

We are “In Transit” meaning we are coming from the last voyage right onto the next voyage.  We have been given information to meet in the Crown Grill with all other in transit passengers at 11 am.  However at 10:45 an announcement comes that all in transits should head to the Crown Grill now.  So we do and someone from the staff checks us off the list.

In total I would guess there are about 50 in transit (guessing numbers here), many are workers who are doing work on board, also a few entertainers too.

Now we have never done In Transit in LA before we have always done it in Fort Lauderdale or in South America.  It is a bit different here, or at least it was this voyage.

We are lead off the ship, binged off from security.  Lead down the gangway, thru a very short customs line to an agent, passport stamped and then lead down the escalator to the first floor.  Now this is where it gets weird.  We then proceed out of the building, turn left at the sidewalk and walk back in the main entrance, past the workers handing out health forms, up the escalator, thru security and then to the holding area.  It is kind of like we are pens.  One for in transit, one for bon voyage experience, one for elite/platinum/suites, then one for each group.

We sat here for 35 minutes until they had clearance we could get back on board.  I am not sure why we have to wait.  They should have had a count of zero right when our last in transit got off but for some reason we waited until 11:45 to board. 

We are the very first group to head back on board, binged back on with security and we are back on the ship.  In total it took one hour. 

I don’t think I would do many of these three days back to back because a turn around every three days is a bit much, heck turn around after ten days seems a lot more civilized.  But all the staff working ashore and on the ship make it worth it.

Once I get on board Bernie and I head to the International Café for a sandwich and coffee. 

I run into Ali and her Mom who are on board for the afternoon.  Ali is so very helpful on my facebook page with lots of great information.  Her Mom is a wealth of info too with all her experience in cruising going a long way.  We had a lovely visit with them and hope to one day sail together.

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