Thursday, November 13, 2014

La Paz, Mexico – Thursday November 13, 2014

We are docked early and when I look out there is not a lot to look at here.  Kind of reminds me of San Martin Peru.  

Off in the distance you can see La Paz but here at the port the only thing we see are the ferry that goes to the Mainland (takes 24 hours to go to Mazatlán) and delivery ships. 

they did set up some stalls with stuff to sell
We quickly get a light breakfast and we meet up with Paul and Yvonne to head ashore for around 8:05.  The tour buses are right at the gangway but the free shuttle that the ship offers, you need to walk thru the port building (past the tables that vendors have set up) to waiting coaches. 

awaiting shuttle buses

lots of private tours offered too

Taxi fares 

of course there is a bar right at the pier too

The ride to town is 20-25 minutes and there is a guy providing us with some information.  We end up at the bus depot right downtown which on the Malecon and very central. 

sign outside Marlin Adventures

Their Office

beautiful art all along the Malecon

Today I had prearranged a snorkel tour with Marlin Adventures to snorkel with the Whale Sharks and then the Sea Lions.  The office is easy to find (just turn left after you leave the bus depot and walk about seven blocks, once you see the Burger King, Marlin Adventures is in the next block).  Roberto welcomes us and we make payment and Carlos gets us fins (we brought our own snorkel and mask but they can provide those too if necessary).

The group consists of the four of us and another woman (May) from Vancouver Island who sailed down here.  We cross the street to the boat where we meet Sergio our Captain.

We head out to the spot where they have heard the Whale Sharks are.  We easily spot one and we are in awe.  Carlos explains to us how the sharks feed.  They go at a 45 degree angle and open their mouths wide and swim and the crill just goes in.  Thankfully they don’t eat meat so we are safe. 

There are rules about snorkeling with them.  No more than six people around them and at least two meters away from them.  Also try to stay away from the tail area as they may lift the tails up and surprise you when they dive down.
We spend a lot of time in the water… can’t say exactly how long but we sure had a good time. 

Our next stop is snorkeling with the sea lions and again what an experience.  Check out the video above that I took.

Carlos and Sergio were so great, so helpful with us answering questions, adjusting our gear, ensuring our experience was top notch.

I can highly recommend Marlin Adventures and would do this tour again.  If you come to La Paz check out their website here and tell them my blog sent you to them.
We are off the boat around 12;30 and Carlos recommended two restaurants to us and we make our way to one of them.  

We went to the Bismark (which is the name of a ship).  The restaurant can be found by heading back towards the bus depot and then continuing on for about five blocks.

They are known here for their seafood and it doesn’t disappoint.  I had the Shrimp Bismark which was big shrimp with bacon and cheese.  Bernie had a fish with a salsa verde and it melted in your mouth.  We ended up having all that plus three beers and a margarita for a total of $43. 

It is now just after 2 pm and the last bus is at 3:30 so we head back towards the bus depot.  We are exhausted and we got quite a bit of sun (even with 30 SPF on) and we are back at the ship around 3 pm.

A quick shower and cleaning off of our snorkel gear and we both crawl into bed for a long nap.  Something tells me it is going to be a quiet night.

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  1. That looks a fabulous trip, I would love to do that!!!!!