Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday - Puerto Vallarta

We dock early at 8 am and we are at Pier 1 from our balcony I can see the Celebrity Infinity and the Pirate Boat is right beside us as I watch the people from our ship make their way over to it.  The music is playing from the Pirate Boat and the characters are all set for the tour.  I have never done this tour but it does look like fun.

We are not in any real rush to get off, in fact we have arranged to meet up in the International Café with friends at 10:30 to head ashore.

Bernie goes up for breakfast and I finally get my blog posted from yesterday.

We meet up with all our friends and we get off the ship together.  One thing that is noticeable in Mexico at every port we have had to open our bags when getting off to Mexican officials to make sure we are not bringing any fruits or contraband into the port.  The same happens when we get on the ship as well.  So be prepared, do not take any fruit or meat off the ship while in port.

Ian, Claire, Ashwin and Delmarie
We walk out towards the Sam’s Club to catch the local bus to Bucerias.  The cost is around $1.50 each person.  To know if you are on the right bus the name Bucerias is on the windshield.  The ride is - well how can I describe it - “interesting” but we are with all the locals and we don’t mind the ride at all. 

The ride to the town of Bucerias is about 25 minutes and we get off and cross under the highway and head to the main square.  Church is in session and it is lovely to hear the singing.  We walk around the square a bit and check out all the stalls selling their items.  It is fun to hear them trying to get us into their stores “lady, want to buy my crap” “lady welcome to all things from China”.  But we really don’t want or need anything.

We cross over the bridge and stop into a nice restaurant and we grab a table that looks out onto the beach.

Drinks are ordered, appetizers are ordered and we all are laughing our heads off.  We order entrees cause we all need to eat more to absorb the drinks.

It was a great time and I am glad we were able to show them a little more of Mexico that is not like Puerto Vallarta.
Back to the main drag to catch the bus going back (just flag any bus going by as they all go back to the ship).  To get out of the sun I sit right at the back and boy is it bouncy!  In fact I should of worn a sports bra it is so bouncy. 

We get off at the mall and we decide to check out the mall since it is relatively new.  There is even a Starbucks in it, but I resisted.  We did enjoy some ice cream though.

We head back on board around 3 pm and I feel totally out of it.  All I can attribute it to is the two margaritas I had.  But I tell Bernie I feel totally drugged and it just hit me, like I walked on the ship and boom.  I crash right on top of the bed, fully dressed and sleep!   Even when I wake a few hours later I am shocked that I felt so odd, but I guess that was some strong tequila.


We have had no problem at all with laundry.  We have put in about three different bags and we put it in at night and we are getting it the next evening.  We really appreciate this and know that technically it is not supposed to arrive the next day but we do appreciate it.  All items have been accounted for and no damage to any item has been noticed.

Drink prices have gone up it seems, now we get two martinis and it works out to be $20 including the tip.  We have really cut down on how much we are drinking.

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