Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cabo San Lucas

We wake to the sound of the anchor being dropped.  We stir for a bit when Bernie rolls over and says “do you want a latte?” ahhh what every woman wants to hear right?  He dresses and heads down for the coffees while I post up the blog from last night.

The tenders are being lowered, the announcement that we have received clearance happens and it is just before 9 am. 

We put on our swimsuits, lather on the 30 sun screen and head to the tender.  Note if you do not have priority tender status (suites or elite) you were directed to Michelangelo dining room where you got a tender ticket and waited for your number to be called.  I did head to deck five where I saw someone and asked where the gangway was and he said I had to get a tender ticket first.  When I said I was elite and had priority he didn’t seem to know what I was talking about and said I couldn’t go to the tender but had to get a ticket.  

He then back tracked and said we could just proceed down to the tender.  Note I did check my elite letter that was delivered to our cabin on the first day and it does say to just proceed to the tender gangway when ready and show your elite card.

I see Ryan from security right at the tender and he comes over to say hi and gives me a hug.  What a lovely man.
We like Cabo but boy has it changed since we first started coming here.  We notice right away at the pier that Cabo is still recovering from the hurricane in October. 

And as we continue along the waterfront most businesses are up and running.  I would guess that about 75% of the business are open, maybe not 100% open but are open with maybe more repairs to be done.  Some businesses are still boarded up and some are closed but opening soon.

Cabo is open for business though and they need the tourists dollars so enjoy the city.

We walk and of course every one is offering to sell us something, cigars, hats, knecklaces, whistles, toys, t shirts, taxis, tours, Viagra…. You name it they have it and if they don’t have it their friend has it. 

Hooters was hit (don't cry too hard) it is now oo ers!
Don’t be discouraged by all this – this is how these people make a living.  A polite, no thank you is all that we needed to say and they moved on.

We had good intention to just hop on a water taxi right there in the Marina but I wanted to walk into town to see what the town looked like after the hurricane.  But I did ask a guy at the Marina how much it cost for a one way to the beach and he said $3.

We walk along the harbour and then cut into town towards the mall.  You can see the effects of the hurricane but for most it seems like business as usual.  Once we pass the mall we head to the right and head to Medano Beach. 

We walk past all the bars, and many hotels and we come to an open area on the beach that has not been developed.  

Orlando is there trying to get us to buy a massage ($30 for one hour) at Eden Massage right there on the beach.  But we just want a lounge chair and umbrella, which at first they quoted us $30 for two chairs and an umbrella, but even we are not that gullible.  We offer $20 and they agree. 

Orlando even heads off to get us a soda and a beer… now that is service.

The water today is a little rough with an undertow.  Bernie went in and when I went in I was up to my thighs when a wave came and I was on my ass!  Sand went into the suit and it exfoliated areas that I didn’t know needed exfoliating.  I was laughing so hard I then swallowed water… oh what a site I was.  But it was fun and the water was lovely.

After a few hours at the beach we knew we wanted to head to one of our favorite restaurants in town.  El Burro Locos is the name, it is more in town and about ten blocks away from the mall.  The guy there even recognized us and we had a great meal and a few more beers (note they don’t sell alcohol here but you could just cross the street and get some beer there and bring it back).

We walk back towards the Marina stopping in stores, chatting with locals and just enjoying the town. 
We are back at the tender dock around 3 pm (last tender is at 4 pm). 

As soon as we walk into the cabin we are looking for Woody from Toy Story.  See it has started to be a game between us and the cabin steward.  We arrange Woody somewhere and when we come back Grenny our steward has him somewhere new.  Last night he was tucked into bed, this morning we hung him from the AC unit with a note for our steward.  When we come back we look and look and then see he is hiding behind the tv with his head peaking out.  

Too fun… now I need some ideas on what to do with him next.

Note Jasper Moose Jaw our mascot is here too but he was kidnapped by Delmarie in Facets last night and was going to go have fun with her and some of the crew – somehow I think he may of made it to the crewbar!

So after a great day in Cabo the tenders are lifted and we are heading out and up the Sea of Cortez towards La Paz.

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