Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Last Day Part Two – Sea Day

After playing Suduko and not doing well at I agree I am in need of another coffee.  Things are hoping in the Atrium.  Oh yeah the Outlet Sale is happening and it is packed.  I tried going in twice but both times just turned around and gave up.  The line ups alone to pay were enough to say “hey I don’t need anything”.

The cooking demo is also happening and there is someone walking around from the staff handing out information on it which includes some recipes.  I didn’t attend but I heard it was very good. 

The photo department is packed, everyone getting their last minute photos.  So crowded you can barely get thru, gee I should of scooted out along the Promenade – next time. 

I haven’t had a hamburger yet on board so I head to the grill by the pool to have one.  I also ordered a Mai Tai which cost $8.95 now and then the tip for a total of $10.29.  That is expensive and we really have cut back on what we are spending on drinks because of it.

I am also trying to print out our boarding pass/luggage tags for our sailing on the Golden on Thursday for a back to back.  We booked a guarantee and we had not gotten a cabin assignment and I decided I had to print them out and guess what when I went down to log on low and behold we have a cabin assignment.  We had a BF balcony guarantee for both legs and we have been upgraded to a mini suite! 

the view from my sea 

I hang out at the aft area on deck 15 which is a new area, just outside the Hearts and Mind Chapel.  One side (the port side) is smoking the starboard is non smoking.  There are lovely seats/couches here and I sit back and read for two hours.

I am killing time until the movie starts in the Princess Theater – The Fault in Our Stars – starts at 2 and the theater is busy, but it is cold in here, I should of brought a sweater.  The movie is a real tear jerker so be prepared.

visit the Captain Circle Host Fermin Quejado to say thank you for everything.  He is very patient and I have noticed his attention to detail and people appreciate that.  I hope we get to sail with him again some time and sorry we didn’t get to know him better this time.

Back in the cabin Bernie is gathering items and putting them into the suitcases.  We are not too concerned with where and how things get packed as we have one night at a hotel and then six days on the Golden before boarding a plane.

We are going to head back to the dining room tonight for our last meal on board.  Paul and Yvonne will join us and then not sure what else we will do. 

I will try and blog tomorrow from the hotel.  We are renting a car tomorrow and doing a bit of exploring on our own.  We have a 10 am disembarkation time and we will walk to the hotel and store our bags and then get our rental car right next door.

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