Sunday, November 16, 2014

Any More Relaxed They Would Throw Dirt On Me – Day at Sea

Like I mentioned in my earlier post from 4 am today I am up scratching.  I am not the only thing eating on board.  I am pretty sure there are sand flees in the cabin feasting on me.  Of course they don’t like Bernie, but they do like me.

As soon as our cabin steward comes on for the day we check in with him.  He has already been told about the situation and says that they will look right into it.  So we head out to give them time to do their job.

I attend the Speed Sudoku challenge in Crooners at 9:45.  Ana is hosting it, and there are a lot of people in attendance.  I am surprised that I come in first cause really my brain is so foggy today.  I win a lanyard but I give it to a lady who is trying Sudoku for the first time and I have to give her credit for trying it and to try it for the first time in a challenge.  And I don’t need a lanyard but she is happy to get it.

Bernie attends the morning trivia and attend a lecture in Facets all about gems and precious stones.

A few hours later, around noon we come back and the room has been taken care of Grenny says.  There is also a message on the phone from the Pursers’ desk.  I call them back and they say there was no evidence of bed bugs (I told him I never thought there were bed bugs but pretty sure there were sand flees) he confirms that yes that can easily happen and that the room has been treated and all the bedding has been changed.  We thank him and we both immediately crawl into bed to sleep.  We are exhausted from a very restless night and need to rest.  We are both glad it is a sea day.

Of course I have trouble getting to sleep I am still worried about getting bitten.  In fact I have just taken an evening antihistamine that should calm down the scratching/itch and knock me out.  I laugh and say if I could I would wear clothes to cover every inch of my body so I don’t get bitten.  But a few minutes later I must of crashed cause we didn’t wake up until 2:30 pm.  And not a single new bite.  Yeah thanks Princess for taking care of this.

Now before every goes crazy posting all over that the Grand has fleas or other things, take note.  We (or someone near us) probably brought these creatures on ourselves when we came back from port.  All it takes is a little guy (flea) to jump on you or your bag that you put down in the sand or on the ground and it travels back with you.  Kind of like your pet at home.  It isn’t the first time we have been bitten on board; although usually I encounter them in a lounge and probably won’t be our last.  We always travel with anti itch cream and antihistamines and glad we did this time.

Okay back to relaxing….

Of course most of the day is gone but we are both rested and hungry.  Haven’t eaten much since very early this morning so we dress and head up to the Horizon Court just before they turn things over for the afternoon snack.

One thing I have noticed on board is that both sides of Horizon Court are open for lunch.  One side closes down to prep for dinner, and the other stays open until 3:30 when it too closes for lunch but it has that extra station outside of the buffet area where normally there is breads in the am and desserts in the evening.  But at 3:30 they have the afternoon snacks there.  But I notice it doesn’t have as much in offering as we have seen on other ships due to limited space.  I love this time for the selection of cheeses, salad, baked potato with all the fixings, scones with all the fixings and desserts.  It still has some of these offerings but not all.  But I am sure I will do fine without them.

We sit with a lovely couple from Vancouver and chat with them for over an hour.  This is their first cruise, he has been saving up for this trip and surprised his wife with it.  I love hearing these stories.  I know I take it for granted at how lucky I am to travel as much as we do.  He tells us that they have three kids that have taken most of their attention and money but he says they are now grown and that he has been saving for this trip and is glad he could make it a reality.

I am trying to meet someone new every day and get to know their story.  For me one of the great things about travelling is learning about others.

Bernie wants to go to the afternoon trivia and he comes back to the cabin smiling cause they won.  For me I am just relaxing in the cabin, reading, doing puzzles and watching a movie on the tv. 

There is a lot going on today:   Zumba, Ping Pong Tournament, Digital Photography class, Bingo, Elevator Roulette (which they are doing at the Atrium elevators with six elevators), Meet the Cast, Runway at Sea Fashion Show, Slot Tournament, Line Dancing, Shuffleboard Tournament, Ballroom Salsa Class, Grapevine Wine Tasting, Guest Lecture on Longevity, Health and Diet.

Tonight’s menu is Italian Night.  We dress and head down to our regular table in Da Vinci but we notice our waiter is not there, they moved her to Horizon Court.  Which is fine as a new waiter introduces himself, only problem is he has more than his regular amount of tables and we are kind of forgotten. 

We ordered a bottle of wine and it is poured once and then they never refilled the glasses, we ended up having to do it ourselves.  Also dinner takes a lot longer than normal and we can see that the poor guy is busy.  We ended up skipping dessert as we just didn’t have enough time to wait.  Not a big deal and I managed, but sadly there are things that lack when you take away waiters.  I hope this is not going to be on going.

We head to the Vista Lounge to attend the 9:15 presentation of Motor City and loved it.  That is a show you just can’t sit still in; or at least we can’t sit still in.  We have seen the show numerous times but each time we see it, it feels like we spot something new.

Lots of things are going on around the ship tonight.  

Instrumentalist David Klinkenberg is in the Princess Theater, Finish the Lyrics in Explorers Lounge, Comedy with Uber Rossi in the Atrium, The Mariachi band The Desperado Trio are leaving tomorrow so they are preforming in the Atrium, Muts is showing a Bon Jovi concert then Guardians of the Galaxy, Party Band Altitude is in Explorers, Wheelhouse is playing Tempo Quatro Band, Arny G is playing in Crooners and much more.

But we wander around the ship after the show and head up to the top deck to check out the stars and then off to the cabin for a restful night.  We arrive in Puerto Vallarta at 8 am tomorrow.

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