Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Monday First of Two Sea Days

Really looking forward to these two sea days.  Many are saying “oh no there are only two days left” and I am saying “yeah there is still two days left”.

We dress and head up for breakfast in the Horizon Court.  Really like the layout of the HC, because the toast and pastry is outside of the main buffet area and helps with flow.  Although the area is busy for seating we walk aft and have no problem getting a seat there.  Right away we are asked if we want any juice or coffee/tea… orange juice and water please.  Gee if only I could take one of them home with me to serve me at home.

Down to the International CafĂ© to get a latte for me and tea for Bernie and of course I have to head up to get a custard filled donut.  I have had one almost every day, just one though.  I hear it calling my name again so I get one for each of us. 

I stay there until the Suduko challenge at 9:45 starts and I get there just after it has started but was still able to come in second place and won a pen.  I am getting quite a few Princess prizes so will have to do some prize give aways on my Facebook Fan Page.  If you are not already a member make sure you check it out HERE.

Bernie wants to go do Trivia so we head down to the Vista Lounge where Marvin is doing the trivia and the theme is “Where Am I” – I like these ones so I join him along with two other couples.  In fact one of the couples was on our South America trip this year with us – small world.

We do okay but not good enough to win but it was fun.  But again I find teams take it way too seriously.

Bernie says he wants to head up and get a bit of sun and I will join him later.  I want to walk around and take some pictures of the ship. 

The view from our Lounge Chairs

I find Bernie at the aft pool right at the railing – great seats.  In fact we have had no problem finding lounge chairs out on the decks this trip.  Of course we tend to stay away from the main pool but even that pool has a lot of seats. 

One thing we have found on our last two trips is that they no longer put beach towels in the cabin every night.  We have to go up on the deck to get them.  No biggie and I guess you could grab quite a few and leave them in the cabin if necessary.

After an hour or so in the sun I grab two slices of pizza and some salad from the Horizon Court and head back to the cabin to watch a movie.  The Grace Kelley Movie is playing, again it is probably something I would never pay to see but really enjoy watching it on board.

Of course I have a nap…. Bernie walks in as I am sleeping and is whistling and making all kinds of noises and I am “really” so he heads out to give me some quiet.  I know you all know about that look your spouse gives you that says “let me sleep”.

It is lovely sitting out on the balcony.  I grab a drink and do some reading and enjoy the views.

Before we leave the cabin we set up Woody and Jasper with some of the empty Vodka bottles from our mini bar.  They look like they are passed out with the bottles beside them.  Read more to find out what happened next to them.

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