Sunday, November 23, 2014

Saturday Evening

After a restful nap we dressed and took one of the bottles of wine from L.A. Cetto winery to the dining room ($15 corkage fee).

When we arrived they had no record of us dining there tonight.  That again we are dining at the Crown Grill at 7.  When we say we never made a reservation at Crown Grill they apologize and sit us at a table in Denise's section.  

The head waiter apologizes and we say it all started the first night when we wanted to thank the Maitre D' but he was directed to the wrong table and since then Princess has confused the two couples.  

The Maitre D finally comes over to introduce himself and we thank him for the bottle of wine.  And he is confused cause again he was not aware that he was directed to the wrong table the first night. We all laugh at it and we are fine with it, but it has been a running joke.

We had a lovely diner and we decide to head over to the Crown Grill to make a reservation for the second night of the next leg.

Guess what, when we get there and give our cabin number the Head Waiter (that started the whole mix up) gives us a tisk tisk saying we didn't show for our 7 pm reservation!  We fill him in on what happened but I don't think he got it.  Oh well .....  We have our reservation for Monday night now.

We head around the ship for a bit.  We stop by Explorer’s Lounge to sit in on the Movie Poster Trivia for the last part of it. 

Vista Lounge is having the Marriage Match game and Deputy Cruise Director John is hilarious.  He does a great job at it.  A host can make or break this game and he does an amazing job.

Final thoughts on this first three day cruise.

Really nice to see a younger crowd.  Lots of families too.  Lots getting introduced to cruising for the first time.  They were quick to take part, enthusiastically take part which is a nice change.

Lots of partying, but not in a bad sense, just people enjoying the lounges, the music and the time away.

More kids definitely are on board and that is nice to see too. 

We really like our cabin and it’s location, it has a lot of positives and a few negatives.  I don’t know if we would book this cabin for a longer voyage but it is a nice treat.  It is perfect for tall people with that huge shower.  Also great for a couple where one may have mobility issues.  Negatives are it is two twin beds.  It can be made into a Queen but you will have little clearance at one end and no beside table/light for one person.  No full length mirror.  Cabinet next to bed instead of drawers.  The bathroom needs a nightlight so you don’t have to turn the light on and wake the other person in the cabin.

Staff are very patient and have to work harder to assist a lot of new cruisers.

Entertainment had a huge variety with lots to do all day/night.  Seemed even more than a longer voyage.

Food was very good on board.

But also the demographic of the passengers was a negative too. With so many new people on board we found it was often difficult because of the flow.  I guess we are use to people who have cruised before and know the routine and cruise life (and there definitely is one).  So it is a plus and minus.

A lot of people purchased the all inclusive drink package and we saw a lot of drunk people.  Security was much busier too dealing with those that had too much, and more kids running wild, and a few adults running wild too.

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