Thursday, April 20, 2017

Wednesday and Disembarkation

We open our eyes at 730!  Wow I don’t think we have ever had such a restful sleep the last night. We both can't believe we slept so late.

We need to vacate our cabin by 8 so we quickly shower and dress and leave just before 8.

Breakfast in the dining room is a must and it is open until 830 so we have time.  I get the egg/asparagus scramble and a cappuccino.  But what they bring me is not a cappuccino. 

Not sure what it is.  It is not in a cappuccino cup, nor does it have much milk. He hands it to me and apologizes. Says it is made with a machine.  Okay… but I have had cappuccino in the dining room before and they are better than this.  He says he did not punch my card.  Well that is good, and I will get one later.

After breakfast we notice a lot of people have disembarked already.

We stop by Michael’s office to say goodbye.  The office is full and we are lucky cause we get to say goodbye to so many.  Chef David is going home after a very very long contract.  Bug hugs to him and we look forward to seeing him in sept.  Pierre is finished today too as well as his partner Chris.  Hugs for Michael and a big thank you for all he has done for us.

It has been great getting to know his family too.  We are family… family we choose… our cruise family.

We are not in a rush so we head to Vines to sip our coffees.  
Dylan stops by and we chat for a while.  Elkie is going home today too, but she is running around doing her job on this busy morning. She is excited and ready to head on vacation. She will be heading to the Sapphire in June.

Well time to get off the Royal.

We walk off at 1025.  We are trying out the mobile passport app.  We also have Nexus (global entry) but today we are using the mobile app.  So there is no need to fill out the declaration form. But you do need to download the app and register.  Then within four hours of getting off open the app and follow the steps.  You do need wifi to process the form but once it is processed you will get your codes and then you don’t need wifi.

Once you have collected your bags there is a line for global entry, one for mobile passport and the regular line.  There were around a 100 in the regular line (note most had gotten off).  Around 6 in the other 2 lines.

When we got to the custom agent he says did we fill out the declaration form.  No we said we used the app.  He says the form is faster.  Hmm he tells us to scan our codes, which we do, which took no more than 10 seconds each and we showed our passports and we were on our way.

I just kept thinking, well why have the app if you don’t want us to use it.  But I am sure if people are not technologically inclined and don’t have the codes ready it could be a pain and slow.

So use what is right for you.

We were in a taxi right away and on our way to the airport. Cost was $12.50 plus tip.

At the airport we are still too early to check in and wait about an hour before we can check our bag.

Once we do check in we find out our flight is delayed, but no reason is given. We are a little nervous as our layover in Chicago is only just over an hour.  I am suppose to work tomorrow at 520am.

At the gate we start boarding late and then once on the plane we are delayed even longer.  Apparently our routing needs to change and they have to confirm they have enough fuel.  What! I have never heard this before.  But hey enough fuel is important.  We finally take off an hour late.

The 4 year old boy at the window is testing Mom’s patience but I have to hand it to her she did a great job.  The little boy had a Spiderman Action Figure so I knew we would be safe on board this flight with a Super Hero! But that boy was ready to get off in Chicago.

We arrive in Chicago and thankfully the flight attendants asked people to sit to allow those with tight connections to get off first.  Well some listened, but we were still slow getting off.

We ran like crazy to get to the gate.  Thankfully it was not too far and I even had a stop at the washroom.

Phew our flight to Vancouver is delayed too.  And again once we board we sit on the tarmac for over 45 minutes. 

So we should be arriving just before midnight Vancouver time, hopefully earlier if the pilot puts the petal to the metal.  That will be 3 am Florida time.  A very long day made much longer.

Normally I have Thursday Fridays off but not this week so needleless to say I can not safely drive the bus on so little sleep so now I lose a day’s pay as well because of all these delays.

We are currently still in the air as I write this.  All I want is to be home.  Worst thing about travelling is flying…. Just glad the baby behind me finally fell asleep.
Thanks for following along.

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