Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Second Sea Day

As we sail towards Aruba I feel so relaxed and happy, sort of at peace. No worries, calmness, rested and just content.  That is what cruising does for us.

We don't wake until 9 am and we are surprised (mind you it is 6 am at home but we are pretty much use to the time change).  

Breakfast is going to have to be elsewhere today as breakfast ends at 9 in the dining room. Horizon Court will do and it doesn't disappoint. It is relatively busy but not crazy - you know the hour before we dock crazy.

I get a bagel and cream cheese and a big bowl of fruit salad and we sit at the window enjoying the meal and stare out at the ocean.

Weather today is scattered clouds but a high of 27C or 80F, and it is muggy. I need to put on sun screen as those clouds are deceptive and you will burn Vickie. Not to mention all the people walking around with very pink skin today from yesterday.

After breakfast we are sitting in Vines enjoying our coffees and doing the day's puzzles available in the library.

I will add the pool decks are busy and if you want a seat around the pool they are in limited supply at 10 am when we walk by but there are tons of lounges that can be had  if you just go little futher from the pool.

Lots happening this morning: zumba, bible study, shuffleboard, golf putting challenge, photo seminar, Maitre d' wine club, bingo, mardi gras dance class, afternoon movie Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them, Military and Veterans get together and so much more.

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