Thursday, April 20, 2017


Today is another noon arrival.  It seems everyone needs a sleep in after so many port days.

We are no different, except I wake at 630 and read for quite a while then fall back asleep.  Apparently it was rough seas last night but I found it quite good, sure there was movement but not as bad as I thought it would be.

We relax and watched the movie Bad Moms which was good for a laugh.

I head up to the Horizon Court for a late breakfast and as I am sitting there I see a familiar face.  At the same time looks at me and we immediately are shocked.  Giovanni! 

We first met him two years ago on the Crown Princess when he was Mark’s assistant.  We all went out in Victoria where I showed them around.  You can read that trip here.

We hug and catch up.  We can not believe we have not seen each other until today, but that is how ships are.

He has just gotten on and will still be on in September when we return.

I head out to the open deck to watch the sail in.  It sure is a nice sail in.  And boy kudos to the Captain.  He basically turns the ship around and backs in.  Heck most people could not back their car up like he manages this ship.

We are at the furthest away pier.  Disney Dream is in port along with an RCL ship and a Carnival ship that leaves early. Not too crazy but still busy.

We haven’t been here since our first Princess cruise 20 years ago.

We are just about to dock and everyone is crowding the stairs to the gangway.  For me I head back to the cabin and layer on the sunscreen as the Sanctuary has 2 chairs for us.

Yes again today we are not going ashore.  So for the first time ever we basically did not get off the ship the entire ten days (except for a short stop in Aruba to get wine).  At first we felt a little guilty but we both said we needed this.

With a great cabin, and a stunning ship, and trying to limit spending we did what was right for us.

The Sanctuary is not busy at all.   We stare out at the port and enjoy the sunshine.  A lot of people stayed on board.

Departure is 630 but we are late leaving, and I can not recall why.

We had signed up for EZ check but we get a call in the cabin to say we can not use the service because of the international flight we are on.  Okay… we go and get luggage tags.  We take the latest tags we can get (1025). 

That is odd though, since we have used the EZ check service a few times now, all times from, Florida and all have been international flights.  Oh well, who am I to argue.

So we begin the task of packing.  Having the couch in the cabin helps with the packing.  We really did not bring that much and since many of the items we brought were gifts for friends we are a lot lighter going home.

We dress for dinner and head out for our final evening.  We are sad.

As we sit in Vines enjoying our last few glasses of wine we reflect on the voyage.  We both feel so blessed and grateful.

Tonight I suggest Alfredos for dinner and Bernie is agreeing before I even finish the sentence.  So yummy.

Now there really has not been anything that I had noticed that could use some improvement until tonight.  The head waiter in Alfredos. 

Each time we have been here I have noticed him. He seems to pace the entire place and just outside Alfredos.  Bernie thinks he is trying to get his steps in. The guy never smiles. In fact it seems like he is really not happy here. At first I thought oh he must be at the end of his contract. Nope he just at the beginning apparently.

Tonight it seems even worse.  I comment to Bernie that this guy looks bored to death.  Why doesn’t he come around and see how people’s meals are? Nope, he does not approach a single table.  

Okay my rant is over. I will put this in the survey. 

Thankfully all the wait staff there are top notch and don’t seem to be affected by this guy.

After dinner we head down to Ben and Dylan’s cabin for our final goodbyes.  We have really gotten close to them this year and we have a special bond with them (they are the 2 we went to Peru with)  Love you guys.

Back to the cabin around 11 and we do our final packing and put our bags out.

We sit out on the balcony for the last time.  Oh what a nice cruise.

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