Friday, April 14, 2017

Bonaire Evening - Cabin Party

We head down to the Platinum Elite Lounge and enjoy a Cosmo for Bernie and a Mojito for me. I really enjoy Club 6 for the PEL event. It is well situated and a nice lounge, not too big and not too small.

We get some glasses from Horizon Court and then some cheese/nuts on two plates.

Oh you see we are having a cabin party. Yeah why not, it is a great way to gather friends in a casual environment.

We call room service for wine glasses, a large ice bucket and three pizzas. You can order pizzas that are brought to you in a large pizza box (like at home). Always available are cheese and also pepperoni. There is also a daily feature and today it is Hawaiian. So we get one of each pizza and it is enough for the 8 of us.

So my special cocktail.  You see I go get the Kiwi Lime Cooler from the International Coffee Bar (one punch on the coffee card) I then add vodka from our mini bar to it. It seemed to be enjoyed by everyone.  Very refershing.

In all we were 8 in the cabin - Us, Michael and his wife Vida, Yami and Timothy, and Dylan and Ben.  Lots of laughs, great time and so much fun to have time to host them all and serve them since they all take such great care of us.

After everyone left around 10:30 we just called room service and they came and collected all the plates and glasses and the cabin was clean - gee wish I could have this service at home after a party.

Also happening tonight is La La Land on Movies Under the Stars, Family Game Night (there are quite a few families on board), Colors of the World is the Production Show tonight, Name that Broadway Tune, $500 Blackjack Tournament, Hollywould You Game Show and much more.

One thing I have noticed is the Patter events seemed to be packed with so many for sale events like Art events (2 events tonight), Effy events (usually two events a day in there), and even announcing the Paradise Lotto Draw each day. But I guess that is marketing.

Tomorrow we are in Grenada but not till later.

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