Tuesday, April 11, 2017

First Sea Day

Well so much for a restful sleep. After going to sleep so late I wake at 3 am with a headache (those cosmos caught up with me I guess). And well that was it I was up from that point on.  I predict a nap is in my future.

We dress and head to Concerto Dining room for breakfast at 9 am. I love the Royal as it has so many tables for two and we have no problem getting a seat right away. Ah it feels so good to be back on board.

I really wish I could write some exciting things that happened next, but really it is quite predictable for us.  We sit our butts in the International Cafe and chat with Sharon and Bruce and others who pass by.

We stop in and see other friends on board and wander around checking things out.

Lunch was Alfredos - of course Bernie was craving. It was noticed right away that the pizzas are smaller but this is a good thing as they were just so big before.  Now they are more of a personal size and just the right amount for one person.  The head waiter in Alfredos seems to be pacing all over - looks like he has a lot on his mind.  He must be heading home soon as he looks fed up.

Beautiful roses - thanks Michael

By now we are both feeling the effects of little sleep and return to the cabin, put up the do not disturb and crash.

Oh I forgot to add we called to change out our mini bar on the first day and was told it would be changed tomorrow.  They arrived around 3 pm today to change out the items. Still wish they would streamline the mini bar - maybe be able to change it on line ahead of time, or use the Princess @ Sea to change it instead of sitting on hold for a long time (if you can get thru). Then informing them of all the changes.

But one issue is that we had the Do Not Disturb out but room service knocked on the door anyways to change out the mini bar.  Okay we accept that as we wipe the sleep from our eyes in a daze.  We fall back asleep and another knock on the door - again room service.  Wow chocolate covered strawberries are delivered - which we appreciate but we now have given up on sleeping. I think we have slept enough. But I do wonder why even bother putting out the do not distrub. 

We have never sailed at this time of year in the Caribbean - and have never sailed over Easter. The ship is full and there are more families on than what we see in January but it is still a lot less families than what we saw on 7 day itineraries. It is lovely to see multi generational families spending quality time together.

We qualified for the Most Travelled Party (#10 and #11) which is a cocktail party in Club 6 in a week's time. We personally prefer the cocktail party and especially the ones the Royal holds so we are looking forward to it.

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