Saturday, April 15, 2017

Grenada and the Sanctuary with Crown Grill

We pull into Grenada a little later today so there is no rush to get up and get going and we find ourselves relaxing in the cabin for quite a long time.

When we finally get moving we head to the International Cafe for tea and coffee and we are shocked at how many are dressed and ready to get off the ship and are queuing up.  

Wow the ship is decorated for Easter! 

It is only 10:30 am and we don't dock until noon and it takes a bit of time to get clearance. But people are anxious, but I would rather spend my time not in a line. One beautiful thing about arriving in Grenada is it is considered the spice island and they say you can smell the spice as you come in.

We are docked with another ship and as we look across we get the lovely sight of laundry on a clothes line - kind of tacky.

So we done our bathing suits and head up to the Sanctuary to enjoy the sail in. The upper decks are quiet and the sail into port is stunning.

But today we are going to hang out at the Sanctuary.  As we melt into the thick cushioned chairs we both agree if we were any more relaxed they would have to throw dirt on us.

We enjoy lunch up there in the Sancturay ($3 fee per person for delivery). It is quiet, not crowded and well worth it. 

Sure there are many times we manage just fine sitting out on the open deck but we also enjoy the Sanctuary too.  For a nominal fee it is worth it for us.

Bernie leaves around 3 and our friend Vida comes up to join me and we enjoy afternoon tea up there together. So civilized.

Back in the cabin to shower and dress for drinks and dinner.

We are in the Wheelhouse Bar for pre dinner drinks and it is very busy in here.  The Liberty String Quartet is playing and they are very enjoyable.

Tonight the buffet is featuring German buffet which would definately be where we would be going but we have reservations at the Crown Grill with Dylan and Ben, and Michael and his family.

It is so lovely to enjoy a dinner all together and I have especially enjoyed getting to know Michael's kids much better.

Service was outstanding and we were not an easy table.  She (the server) had to serve champagne first, water, red and white wine and mocktails for the kids but she handled it like a pro. 

Tonight I changed course starting with the lobster/crab cake, then the spinach salad, then I had the prawn dish served with a fried rice.  Dessert of course was the chocolate molten dessert.

Franklin goofing around acting like a wine snob

We were all stuffed after our meal and such great company.

I think Bernie was asleep within ten minutes of putting his head down.

Lots happening tonight though: Night Sky Lounge, The Movie Jackie in Vista Lounge, Master Illusionist Hawley Magic in Princess Theater, Who Sang What, Where in the World Am I game show, Hot Latin Nights Disco Deck Party and more.

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