Monday, April 3, 2017

Get Agencies to Send You the Best Price for Your Cruise

As many of you know I love to cruise. But to be able to cruise as often as we do I need to find deals. 

When we first started cruising we came across Cruise Compete which is a site where you put in your information for which cruise you are looking at booking and then cruise agencies come back and send you cruise quotes with their best price. 

This is how we initially found Best Price Cruises and have used them for pretty much all our cruises lately as they always had the best price.  

Last cruise a couple told me they had used Cruise Compete and I thought I should check them out again.  So when we started looking at prices for our next cruise I went back to Cruise Compete.

You need to create an account and then put in which cruise you are looking at and what type of cabin. Very quickly you will get quotes sent to you and notification in emails of a new quote. 

Then you have to weed thru the offers. Which I will add is convoluted and I always have to have a pad of paper and I make notes on the paper about each agency and what they are offering.  Make sure to note if there are on board credits offered, what category they are referring to and what it includes like port charges.

If you find something you like click on their link to the deal and also make note of the Cruise Compete deal # - usually found at the bottom of that quote.  The picture shows what one of the quotes look like from a cruise I looked at.

For this quote I clicked on the link and the price was right but when I wanted to book it, it kept asking for credit card information and I wanted to use my future cruise credit.  A quick call to them and I was informed to click on the courtesy hold option on the main page and fill it out and in the comment section add details including the cruise complete deal number.  They emailed me back the quote and I told them to reserve.

Again I need to add that Cruise Compete's site is not so user friendly and a little outdated. They could improve it to make quotes a lot easier to read and compare.  But if you are able to weed thru it then try it out.

I should add I did email Best Price to see if they would match the price but they came back that they could not.  I feel bad that we are not going to use them again but in the end the price difference and on board credit offered by the other agency was worth the change and I need to take care of us and our bottom line.  

So if you haven't tried Cruise Compete give them a try.  


  1. Your links are good, but I think the actual name is "Cruise Compete" (not complete).

    1. OMG Mary I can't believe i have been calling them Cruise Complete forever. Silly me didn't even notice it. Thanks for pointing it out I will go and edit the post. One reason I say I am doing this for fun not a professional - good excuse when I make errors.