Monday, April 17, 2017

Sea Day

It is hard to figure out where the time has gone!  We are at sea today and we have only today and tomorrow then it is back to reality.

I take the chance to sleep in and relax in the cabin while Bernie is out doing his own thing.  Another great thing about ships, we can each do our own thing and not worry about the other person.

I shower and meet up with Bernie down stairs in Vines which is rather quieter than other areas in the International Cafe. 

So much happening today:  Outlet sale, Culinary Demo, Art Auction, Pub Lunch, Mardi Gras festivities, Easter Fun for the family, Line Dancing, and movies.

Last night it was a little rough but nothing for those use to sailing. There was movement and it just rocked us. But for many of the newer cruisers it was really moving!

Bernie and I agree to have lunch in the dining room and I am so glad we did as they had the Baja Fish tacos on the menu, one of my favorites.

After lunch I find a quiet spot outside Wheelhouse to write up my blog from the other day and Bernie is watching a movie in the cabin.

We got our disembarkation information today.  We are taking advantage of the EZ Air service for $25 per person and our flight is not till late in the afternoon so this will be perfect.  We won't have to worry about bags and we can maybe do something in Fort Lauderdale first then make our way to the airport later.

Tonight is the first night we don't have anything scheduled. It is a formal night.  Production show Spectacular is in the Princess Theater tonight.  Ray Coussins is performing in Vista Lounge. A new game called Tricky Twisted Trivia in Princess Live.  The Flyboys (who performed yesterday) are in the Atrium later.

I am sure our evening will be filled with lots of laughs.

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