Friday, April 14, 2017


Well best laid plans ----

I wake up at midnight and have a pounding head ache.  Hmm how annoying and being in a cabin my options are limited.  At home I would probably go to the other room and watch tv or lay down with a cold compress.  But that really is not possible. I take some pain meds and then decide to head out to the balcony to get some fresh air.

So weird to sit out on the balcony at 1 am when the ship is quiet (well at least quiet outside). I stare out at the water and it is so calm and relaxing.  I read for two hours and then feel ready to go back to sleep. But then Bernie is awake.

The next few hours are spent with one of us being awake and the other sleeping.

Then 7 am comes and room service knocks with breakfast. We just put it on the desk and roll over and go back to sleep.

So you figured it out, we didn't make it to Klein Bonaire. Since we have to get up early and catch a ferry over early and then back before sail away at 2 pm, all aboard 1:30.

By the time we get up and moving it is 10:30.

I put on my bathing suit and head down to the Enclave.  OMG I have the place to myself! It feels so posh, so fancy, so exotic. I had it to myself for around 30 minutes then a couple arrived.

The gentleman put his plastic wrist band that they give you to enter the Enclave in his bathing suit pocket. Now it can go on your wrist, but I personally just leave it in the pocket of my housecoat they give us. So this guy's band floats out of his pocket (it is plastic) and he losses it.  Thankfully the pool is quiet and he can find it floating easily. Note the wife's band is still on her wrist.

He complains to me that this band is the dumbest thing ever.  I try and respond "yes that can happen if you put it in your pocket, but if you do put it on your wrist you are good or just put it in your housecoat pocket". Guess he doesn't like that answer.  But I believe he heard me and will do that next time.

Bernie and I then head to the Retreat pool and relax up there until around 1 pm when we head to the Horizon Court for lunch.

I just LOVE this ship's Horizon Court. So many options and quite easy to find seats especially if you head further aft. 

As we just sit down a woman a few tables away falls to the ground from her seat - not sure what happened but it seemed she fainted. The crew gather around and a head waiter takes control. He calls for someone to call 911, he then gets staff to put chairs all around to block passengers from walking thru or sitting at the tables right beside. He gets down to the woman and says something to her.  He then says out loud do not move her. Which makes sense since none of them are medically trained and they are not sure what is wrong and she is breathing.

Ironically passengers still try to get past the chairs to get to the coveted table by the window! 

A few minutes later the paramedic arrives - it feels like a long time but took less than five minutes, certainly faster than an ambulance at home.  The paramedic dealt with this woman and then got her in a wheelchair and took her to the medical center.

We sail away at 2 pm, well actually a little late, apparently there was a bit of a glitch with the computer getting the zero count even though everyone was back on board.

Afternoon was spent playing in the casino, enjoying afternoon tea, reading and watching a Hula Dance Class and chatting with passengers.

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