Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Evening of Second Sea Day

One thing I love about the Royal is the On Demand TV system. It gives us the chance to watch a movie and then stop it and start right back where you left off.  So that is what we did in the afternoon. Watched a movie - I know, I am on a cruise but for us that is relaxing and it is not something we get to do at home very often.

The Princess Cruise Lover's group had a slot tournament that was a $15 buy in and was very well attended. In the end we walked away with $7 each so not too bad and nice to meet up with others.

We got the Enclave for this cruise.  Bernie and I really enjoy the spa atmosphere and the whole experience, it truley relaxes us and it is just what we need to come back new. Bernie went this afternoon and since his shoulder has been acting up he took advantage of the hot jets to ease the tension and the steam rooms to assist with the muscle aches.

We also went to the BOGO event in Crooners from 3 to 4. As I approached the bar they have a cornered off area where passengers can line up and order and pick up drinks. Sort of like at Starbucks but with alchol.  

While I was waiting for my drinks to arrive this older gentleman approaches and looks around and asks the lovely bar steward "is this where they sell the t-shirts"?  He was serious!  The steward looks confused and asks him to repeat himself, yup he thinks they sell t-shirts here. She patiently responds "sir this is a bar" and points him over to the shops so he can get a t-shirt.  Oh my the crew here are so patient.

So after two Captain Bounty's we are feeling good and back to the cabin and rest (cause gee cruising is exhausting) until we dress for dinner.

But we really want to see comedian Robbie Printz who won Entertainer of the Year with Princess this year.  Amazingly I don't think we have ever seen him.  We head to the 6:30 showing and laugh our heads off.  He is very good and I can see why he won.

When we exit the theater the Atrium is hoping and the Captain's Welcome Aboard Party is just starting at 7:15.  They are doing it a bit different here now, before they would do the champagne waterfall first at 7:15 and then around 7:45 they would do the officer introductions. Now they did the introductions first then the champagne waterfall.

We get a coveted seat in Vines (it is busy) and enjoy some wine until MIchael and his family and Dylan come in and we all take seats at the Stammisch table. 

While sitting there this woman approaches and asks "I am curious what is the name of the Captain's Little Brown Dog that he mentions in the Princess Patter?"  Ahhh we don't know we respond.  That was kind of weird and certainly not something I would ask if I was starting up a conversation.  We should of just made up a name.  Spot - yeah that sounds good.

At 8 we make it to Crown Grill for our reservation. Our waiter and assistant there are amazing.  Love that the Crown Grill here actually has assistants, for some reason it is not that common on other ships and it really shows.  But again we find the Royal shines and is really the benchmark of how other ships in the fleet should be run.

I start with the spinach/goat cheese with beet salad.  French onion soup and then the filet mignon for my entree served with potato, mushrooms and asparagus.  All was great but I will say that the steak was not up to the "normal" standard I am use to in the Crown Grill.  But everything else was amazing.

While dining Maitre D' Silvio pops by and we quickly share a glass of champagne with him - poor guy is running all over the ship but he does such a great job on board. He comments that we are doing the Super Tuscan Dinner and we say YES we are excited.

Michael, his wife and son and Dylan stop by and we all toast with a glass of champagne.  

It is now just after ten pm and we are full - but not crazy stuffed -

that we have to undo the top button stuffed - we were good.  We wander around and Bernie says hey I haven't had my Bugsy so off to Crooners and a Bugsy.

We run into Timothy and Chelsea on the way back to the cabin and chat for awhile with them.  So cute how so many recognize Timothy from the Cruise Show and want pictures - bettter get mine in too.

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