Monday, April 17, 2017

St. Thomas and Most Travelled Guest Party

We awake and again we are already docked.  We are at Havensight and shockingly we are the only one here.  There is a RCL ship at Crown Bay so that makes a total of two ships in port.  I don't think I have ever seen it so quiet here.

I don't recall this before but there is a spot for independent tour pick up spot at Havensight

But it is Easter Sunday and so many things that normally would be open are not open because of the holiday.  However everything at Havensight is open due to a ship being in port.

It is a bit overcast and a few showers pass but nothing that is horrible in fact it is quite refreshing.

One thing we have both commented on is that we thought the weather would of been much hotter than when we normally travel in January/February but nope it is very similar.  Winds, high humidity, high temps (high 20s) and overcast.  Very similar to what we are use to.

Seas have been very calm, but Captain does announce that we will get a bit rougher weather tonight.  He did announce at the Captian Circle Party the other night that the Atlantic crossing's weather could encounter some bumps as they are tracking a storm.

Princess has put right on the front page of the Patter information about Easter Sunday Mass at St. Peter and Paul Cathedral at 10 am in English and 12:30 in Spanish.

For us we are really enjoying the ship and we don't get off again. We are staying on board the ship for the entire trip.  We have never done this before but we feel this is right for us this time. And we are LOVING it.

We both change into our bathing suits and head down to the Enclave for some pampering.  We spend about an hour and in the entire time there was only one other couple in there.  So nice.

I shower and dress for the day and it starts with a latte and writing and reading in Vines. 

I also get to say goodbye to Michael's wife and kids who fly out from St Thomas today. I am so glad we got to meet them and get to know them.  We hope that they will come to Vancouver soon and we promise to look them up when we visit Britain.

I forgot to add that last night before dinner in Sabatinis I was able to sit down with Franklin and I showed him how to play the Rummy block game.  He was quite good at it and with some practice he may even be able to beat me.  So practice up Franklin!

I wander around the ship taking obscure pictures for my game I am playing on my Facebook page (Cruising Princess Cruiseline with Vickie) by posting a pic of something and having others try and figure out where this is on the Royal Princess.

Back in the cabin we watch the movie Lion in the cabin.  We both really enjoyed it and totally understand why it was nominated so much at the Oscars.

For sailaway I head out onto the balcony and chat with my neighbour while sipping wine and enjoying a stunning sailaway.  St. Thomas is perfect for a great sail away and drinks on the balcony.  Ironically the balcony for mini suites has a footstool but there is no room to put that stool out without taking up all the space.

Tonight is the Most Travelled Guest Party (yes it is now called Guest Party instead of Passenger Party or at least here it is called that).  It is a cocktail party in Club 6 that starts at 7:30.  We arrive and pose for pictures with Captain Nash and it is lovely as we know almost all the officers. 

I take a seat and Ben and Dylan join us.  The food here is outstanding, what a difference from the Ruby and the four appetizers they offered.  Here there is a whole table for sushi, then another for cold appetizers, then a table of hot finger foods, and then another for dessert. 

There is so much food that we just skip dinner and enjoy the party.

For those interested, this trip we are #10 and #11 Most Travelled Guests.

After the party the four of us head down to Vines where we enjoy wine and time just flies.  Up to Crooners to enjoy the piano player Ray Coussins and all is right with the world.

goofing around in Crooners by taking a picture of us in the mirror above

We love getting to spend so much time with Dylan and Ben again and we reflect on our Peruvian trip and future trips back (something is in the works).

We are back in the cabin around midnight and Bernie is asleep before I am even in bed.

Another great day on the Royal Princess.

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