Monday, April 10, 2017

First Evening

After Muster Drill we unpack -- which takes no time at all as we have this down to a science and also we were conservative with how much we brought.

Sail away is around 5. As the Captain needs to slot this ship into the traffic leaving Port Everglades. The Island Princess is following us as we head to Aruba. They will be in port with us as they are on a Panama Cruise.

Princess Cruise Lover's is doing a sail away part out at Outriggers and it is well attended. A big shout out to Debbie for doing the coordinating and keeper of the list, an important job and much appreciated.

It was lovely to put faces to names and to share in the joy of being on such a beautiful ship.

After sailaway we stop to chat with Yami at the Shorex desk. She has been on since we did the crossing and she looks stunning and the Caribbean sun has kissed her face but she is tired and getting ready to go on a well deserved vacation.

While there she calls Ben and he rushes up to see us.  Ben takes us down to see Dylan. Dylan and Ben are the two we went to Peru with at the beginning of the year and we laugh because on that vacation when we casually mentioned this date and a possibility of booking Ben kept say "we will see you then I just feel it".  Well guess he was right.

We make plans with them for dinner tonight and head off and Bernie is needing a bit of food so we say "lets just go to the Platinum Elite Lounge" which is in Club 6.

Well after two hours there, four cosmos each and great conversation with good friends Sharon and Bruce who we met a long time on the Star Princess and kept in touch with.  They live in Boston and their lives are similar to ours and it is so nice to reconnect with them.  I know they are reading this so big shout out to YOU BOTH.

Around 8 we head down to Ben and Dylan's cabin to have a great meal and we reflect on the Peru trip and how our lives have been since the trip and the changes that are because of that journey.

Back in the cabin around 11:30 and we are both exhausted. I wanted to write the blog but I just couldn't keep my eyes open.

I am blogging this voyage but I do have to be conscious of how much of our internet package I use as many of you know our apartment is on the market and we need to watch for messages from our real estate agent.  

Thanks for following I really appreciate all who follow and leave great comments or who stop me on board and comment. It makes it all worth while to hear it and to make a difference.

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