Sunday, April 16, 2017

Super Tuscan Wine Pairing Dinner at Sabatinis

This is a relatively new feature on Princess, but is sadly only available (as far as I know) on Royal and Regal.

The cost of the experience is $60. Now I say experience because it really is. You dine in Sabatinis with very attentive service. The whole restaurant is closed for just this event. In fact you feel like you are royalty with someone there to meet all your needs.

We are sat at a table of 7 - all friends - Bruce and Sharon, Ben and Dylan, and Amanda and us.

Maitre D' Silvio welcomes us and explains a bit of what we are going to experience.

A glass of champagne is delivered to us.

On the table is a basket of Italian Breads (I especially love the salted foccacia).  Our side plate has Aged Balsamic and Segesta Olive Oil.  In small dishes a blend of Aubergine Caviar, Potato and another of Broad Bean and garlic paste.

An Amuse Bouche is served along with a glass of Il Bruciato.  As Silvio explains the wine and it's history and we taste it.  Then we are told to enjoy the Cappellacci Ripieni di Patate (cappellacci - kind of like tortelini with potato inside) served with Ossobuco and Saffron Potatoes.

Tasting the wine before and after really changes the tastes.  So lovely.

Next is the Appetizer of Fennel Crusted Tuna Loin with fresh Chili, Olives, Tomato and Arugula Tomato Vinaigrette infused with Basil Puree.  This is paired with one of my favorite wines -- Anthilia Donnafugata.  Again taste the wine before and after.  I loved this dish the most. The tuna was perfect.

Second course is Pumpkin Risotto with Mascarpone Castelrosso Cheese and pumpkin puree - sounds odd but it is very good.  It is served with Il Borro wine.  Okay by now we are feeling good.

Beautiful Sharon

The main course is paired with Ornellaia ($240 a bottle).  This is probably the only way I would get to enjoy these wines. 

Main course is a beef fillet wrapped with herb crust and prosciutto with an Ornellaia reduction and Tuscan bean salad and garlic foam.  OMG - I know I need more amazing words to describe some of this food but I am speechless.  The steak is probably one of the best I have ever had. 

You know as I am writing this I keep thinking of David and Janice from Halifax and boy you need to try this dinner - they are huge foodies and would really appreciate it.

Dessert is Zuccotto alla Caterina De Medici which is a Ricotta Cheese Cake with Stracciatella Ice Cream.  And of course it is served with a lovely limoncello. 

Coffee and tea and we are good! 

The whole event was made extra special because of the wonderful people we were with, thank you.

So if you enjoy great food, and amazing wines look into the Super Tuscan Dinners at Sabatinis where they close the entire restaurant for the evening for this meal and you are treated to a gift of the senses.

So if you get on the Royal or Regal - seek out this offering and enjoy.

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