Sunday, April 9, 2017

I am so excited

There is something about waking up the morning of the cruise that never gets old.  I feel like it is Christmas!  I still get excited like it js my first cruise.

This morning however Bernie is the one awake really early and is anxious to get going.

Before i even open my eyes he has showered and is getting dressed.  Gee isn't he cute.

For me I fell asleep late, that nap must of affected me. But when I wake I feel rested.

Bernie goes to the coffee bar near the lobby for coffees while I write this blog.

We are meeting up with Marty and Sanja, the shopping hosts on Royal who are also very good friends.  They are signing off after a long contract.  Remember they boarded with us in Rome in Oct. Whereas we got off at the end of the cruise they were just starting.  Can't wait to seen them again and so many others.

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