Wednesday, April 12, 2017


We must of docked as it is 9 am when we open our eyes and the ship isn't moving. Wow I slept like a baby!  Yup we are docked at the first spot right at the first port building in Aruba.  The Island Princess is in dock too along with a Holland America ship. 

However the Island is leaving early (around 1) and shortly after it leaves another Holland America ship pulls in.

When we finally get up and moving and head up for breakfast in the Horizon Court most passengers are off. It is rather quiet on board.

So to take advantage of this calm we done our bathing suits and slather on the sunsceen and head up to the Retreat Pool.  It is still rather windy - as it always is in Aruba.

We enjoy the pool for around 3 hours.  But I have to say being at the pool is a great place to people watch.

One big annoyance is those who think it is okay to bring a portable speaker to the pool area or on your balcony.  But right now this couple has turned their speaker on and is subjecting all of us to "their" choice of music.  Just rude and I am so Canadian I just can't say anything.

I watch, well really listen to this gentleman in the pool who is talking non stop. However he doesn't really konw what he is talking about.  He is going on and on about this ship and that ship and then mentions there is a new ship coming out that he can't recall the name of (I want to scream MAJESTIC) that it will start sailing in May or June (I want to scream IT IS SAILING NOW) then he says she will sail across the Atlantic and be based in the Caribbean next winter (I want to scream NO SHE WON'T SHE IS HEADING TO ASIA) damn it is hard being a polite Canadian.  But goes to show don't think that everything you hear is correct - there is a lot of crap being spread too. This guy needs to read my facebook page.

So after a very comical time around the pool we agree it is time to go ashore. 

We just want to walk around a bit and pick up a few things.  We wander and look in stores, and check out the souvenirs, but we don't buy anything.

There is a grocery store very close to the port that has all the essentials if you are needing anything.  If you exit the port and turn right, then turn left at West Straat, then right at the first block called Havenstraat which is right behind the Royal Plaza Mall you will see the grocery store on your left in a block or so. Nothing fancy but decent prices and even some wine too. Prices are in Aruban Florin which is $1.75 AF for $1 US dollar.

We walk back along the beach  but it is crazy busy here with three ships in port.

This is a beautiful island and so much to see and do - make sure to read previous Aruba posts for ideas on what we have done in the past, including many times to the beach, renting skooters, renting a car, helicopter ride and island tour.

Back on board we grab a quick bite to eat at the International Cafe and now we are relaxing in the cabin. 

Not too much happening on board but a few things for those staying on board.

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