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January 30, 2016 - At Sea

Probably my favorite days -- sea days.And after a good sleep - only woke up once and managed to get back to sleep.Woke up at 6:30 and felt rested.Bernie heads up two decks to Lido Deck - at the Pastry Shop - to get our coffees.
I shower and dress and head to the Atrium to write my blog.  But shortly after I arrive Brian and Timothy arrive.  
We have sailed a few times with them.  It is lovely to see them again.  They are a lot of fun and hope we can get a chance to do dinner or something with them this voyage.
The guys leave and Bernie shows up and it isn’t long before Louise and Brian stop by.  We catch up with them and plan dinner with them tonight.  They both look very relaxed!
I give up on writing the blog as it is now 11 am and I want to do the Super Tuscan Wine Tasting (cost of $40) at 11:30.  We did it last year and really enjoyed it, you can read more about that experience last year here.  Bernie isn’t going though, but Simon joins me at Sabatinis.
We are sat at a table for six and…

January 29, 2016 - Fort Lauderdale Turn Around Day

Oh this could be a long day.With very little sleep I am struggling.Thankfully I have my latte nearby and I slowly come to life.
Bernie is off to throw the wash in.  Yes we always do a large load of wash on turn around day.  We do get the free laundry perk but doing a big wash every ten days gets it all clean. Really clean!  The ship’s laundry service is great but it often doesn’t get some things out that a regular wash does. 
I start to get the bags out and start packing up things.  We need to change cabins today.  Thankfully we have less stuff now (less wine, toiletries etc) and we are also just moving down the hall to the front of the ship on the same deck.  
We have it all packed and ready to move just before 8 am and when Bernie checks the cabin it is available right now.By 8:30 we are in the new cabin and totally unpacked.  
Wash is done (some things still need to get ironed) and we are down in the International CafĂ© by 9 enjoying another coffee and reading.  Louise and Brian join u…

Princess Cays January 28, 2016

My oh my why can’t I sleep thru the night. Like most nights I am awake at the wee hours.As I wander around the cabin trying to make as little noise as possible I attempt to read until I am ready to fall back asleep.So after an hour and a half of reading I am back asleep around 4:30 am.
At least today is a later arrival to Princess Cays (9 am) and it will be a restful day on the beach too.
We both wake for the day around 8:30 am and I am groggy and just tired.  I tell Bernie just to head up to Horizon Court and get his breakfast and not worry about me.  I relax in the cabin for quite a while and hear the tenders dropping getting ready to take everyone ashore.
It is a bit overcast but still quite warm.  Looks pretty good with regards to wind and it appears the Captain has positioned the ship in just the right spot to use the ship to assist with safer tender operation.
By the time Bernie comes back from breakfast and we are in bathing suits and lathered with sunscreen we head to the pontoon …

At Sea - January 27, 2016

Busy day today…. Well busy to us.After such a relaxing day yesterday with no set plans today we have a few things scheduled.
We wake late, around 9 but then again we didn’t get to sleep until late.  Bernie heads out to get the coffees and we watch a bit of tv (watched the movie Trainwreck). 
We slowly get showered and dressed and head down the Atrium to mix with passengers a bit.  Yesterday we barely left the cabin and today we need to get out and mix and mingle. 
Our cabin is so lovely it is hard to leave.  But it is always nice to meet new people too.
So we relax and enjoy people watching and I head to the Atrium floor to check out the beautiful costumes at the Cast Costumes Presentation. 

We run into Lynette and Dan and catch up with them and how their cruise is going.
It is noon and we make our way to Sabatinis for the Most Travelled Luncheon.  This is the top 40 cruisers on board!  We were actually just past the top 40 but because a few are singles and didn’t invite guest it was ext…

January 26, 2016 - St. Thomas

When we wake we are already docked.Today is a busy day in St. Thomas.There are a total of four ships in port - two at Havensight (including us along with an NCL Ship) and two at Crown Bay (one being the Oasis of the Seas).It will be a crazy day on the island.
We both are not sure what we want to do.  Beach is out, it will be just too crazy.  So we head down to breakfast and relax for a bit and discuss it over breakfast and then a coffee in the Atrium.
I tell Bernie I really would like to just relax and get a nap in as well last night was a very late night after having Sanja and Marty over for drinks - think we said goodnight around 1 am.  So I need a nap and I am back in the cabin and sleeping around lunch time.

Then when I do finally wake up we are both still feeling really lazy so we just grab a salad from upstairs and back in the cabin and we are watching a movie. 
So the whole day was - well very very relaxing.  Nap, lunch, movie, and then another nap.  Any more relaxed they would be…

St. Kitts - January 25, 2016

Our arrival today is not until 10 am but that doesn’t stop us from waking darn early.  In fact I saw the sunrise at 6:44. 

We dress and head down for breakfast and the ship seems rather quiet at 8 am.  I think many did sleep in - just a bit jealous.

I walk out to the seating area on Promenade and watch our entrance into Basseterre.  We see that the Holland America Osterdam is in port.  Looks tiny compared to us, and another thing I notice is ashtrays on their balconies.  I was not aware that they still allowed smoking on the balconies.  
Since we don’t smoke and really hate second hand smoke and would not want to risk having a smoker next to us we will not sail HAL until the policy is changed.

Bernie heads back to the cabin shortly after we tie up and I decide to just sit out here.  I meet a lovely couple from Delaware who I chat with for a good hour.  Just love all the nice people you meet on ships.

Today we had no set plans, heck we hardly have any set plans in any of the ports.  It was …