Saturday, January 23, 2016

St. Lucia January 23

It is overcast out there and looks like some showers are in the forecast.  As we are pulling into the harbour I can see a small ship over at Queen Elizabeth Dock.  We are docking at Pointe Seraphine and when we are tied up at 8 am I see a Silverseas ship pulling in in front of us.  It is just blows me away how these ships can maneuver in and out of the ports so seamlessly. 

The skies have opened and the rain is coming down, but it doesn’t last long and boy is it humid then.  We need to figure out if we should lug an umbrella or not, a light jacket or not.  In the end we opt for a baseball cap and it works just fine, it would have been way too warm for a jacket.

There are numerous shops at Pointe Seraphine ship dock, pretty much all you need is here.  I am learning a lot more about the shopping hosts’ job on board.  They are there at the stores ashore that are recommended to help you make an informed decision.  They will work with you and the shop owners to ensure you get the best price and exactly what you want.  Shopping at the recommended stores gives you piece of mind that you will not be taken.  And trust me the stories we have heard of people buying something they thought was the stone they wanted but was a fake happens and really once you are home what recourse do you have?

Today we are meeting up with an old friend Valerie who we know from Vancouver.  We haven’t seen here in over ten years.  She is working a contract job here on St. Lucia and is renting a condo in the Rodney Bay area.  We arranged to meet up with her around 9 am at the port gate.

Val greets us and her friend has driven her here and takes us to the airport area where we catch the local bus (cause her friend is a helicopter pilot and has to go take a group up this morning).  We take the bus $1 US or $2.50 Eastern Caribbean Dollar.  Buses here are mini vans that fill up and when you want a stop you just call it out to the driver and he pulls over.  They are very frequent and just ask if you are not sure.

If you are wanting to take the bus to Rodney Bay just walk out of the port area down the street to John Compton Hwy and turn right at the gas station and the bus is right there.  You pay once you get off. 

We get off at Rodney Bay shopping mall where we walk to Val’s apartment and meet her roommate.  We catch up with her for a few hours and then we decide to walk down to Reduit Beach to the resort that she can use as part of her apartment.  I have seen this place before on line  It is the Bay Gardens Resort.  They allow you to get day passes and use their facilities too.  It is lovely.  We walk along Reduit Beach all the way to Mama’s bar at the far end.  Note along the way there were many people there to rent you chairs and umbrellas. 

Once at Mama’s bar we get some cold drinks and I have to say the rum she serve was out of this world.  She also has great food too.  I go in the water here and meet a lovely little lady by the name of Lucia who has just moved here and is excited about starting grade 4 here on Monday.  She is a real spitfire and has lots of questions for me about living in Canada.

prices to enter the park

A friend of Val’s Simon picks us up and takes us to Pigeon Island  which is a 40 acre islet now a nature park with a thousand years of history.  There is a museum an interpretive Center. The cost to enter the park is $7.  We climb to the look out of the old fort, well worth it and beautiful scenery. 

Back down we stop and enjoy a meal at the restaurant called Jambe de Bois right there.  Mango Daiquiris were to die for and Bernie enjoyed the local Piton beer.  We order a Roti and a calamari to start.   Boy was it good!  And the view from here is priceless.

We walk along the northern tip of the island right past the Sandals Resort.  A guy was driving by and stopped - he works for the National Reserve and offers us a ride at least back to Rodney Bay.  We get in and Val chats with him and they know similar people - he saw us at the restaurant too.  People are so nice here. 

Back at Rodney we say goodbye to Val and we get on the bus to head back towards the ship.  The ride is not that long - maybe 15 minutes and we are the only tourists in the bus.

As soon as you pass the airport you are not too far from the pier and in fact you will see the ships before you have to get off. 
if you walk out of the pier and follow the road you will see this gas station on your right - turn left

There will be a bus stop right there - wait for a bus to come along

 We walk thru Diamonds International and Martin and Sanja and working hard helping passengers get what they need. 
I should add that during the day we experienced intermittent showers and high and I mean HIGH humidity - my hair paid the price.  But it was great.

Back on board and after a long shower we are relaxing in the cabin.

Just before sailaway the Captain comes on in the cabin and we already know something is up.  At first we think it might be because of Intestinal Virus but no it is a warning about the Zika virus which is transmitted by mosquitos.  Barbados - our next port has had the virus transmitted there so they are warning us.  Captain Oliver does confirm that this virus really is only of concerns to women who are pregnant and those wanting to get pregnant and should be of no issue to others. 

We are not sure what our plans tonight are going to be.  We are really enjoying relaxing evenings and I have a feeling tonight will be the same. 

They are doing a Mongolian BBQ Dinner in Horizon Court so I really want to go up there.  We have plans to meet up with Michael tonight up there and have dinner together. 

Oh forgot to mention that when we got back to the cabin the invite for the Most Travelled Luncheon was in our mail box - I guess we cleared the standby.  The lunch will be held the last sea day in Sabatinis.

The other things happening tonight are:  Liberty String Quartet in Atrium, Silent Art Auction, Tropical Rum Tasting & Raffle, LGBT Get Together, Sweet Soul Music Show in Princess Theater 6:45 and 8:15, Perry Grant in Crooners, Ant Man the Movie in Vista lounge.

They were going to hold the Love Boat Disco Deck Party along with the Night Sky Lounge tonight but there has been a change of plans due to the weather forecast calling for showers and will be rescheduled for another night.


  1. How does one find out the buffet theme for dinner?

    1. it sometimes printed in the Patter but normally it is a surprise and we find out when we get up there