Saturday, January 16, 2016

St. Thomas January 16, 2016

We dock only at 9 am and we are all aboard at 3:30.  The main reason for this is that we are in Grand Turk tomorrow and it takes a bit of time to get there so we need an early start.  After Grand Turk we are a day at sea before arriving back in Fort Lauderdale.

I wanted to do a few bits and bobs about life on board and observations.

The weather has been amazing.  Hot and very little rain.  We have encountered some rain at times very early in the morning before most are up but this is not uncommon.
Ship looks excellent.  It certainly doesn’t look another year older. 

Have not heard of issues with getting tables in the dining room.  In fact when we are around the Atrium and before we head in for dinner around 7 - 8 pm we don’t see any lines at all.

I still have issues with those darn waiter's stations with the slamming of the cupboards and drawers, but thankfully many waiters are attentive and don’t slam.  But they do scare the crap out of me when it is near me.  Even the drawers at home have self-closing mechanisms.

Entertainment has been phenomenal.  Haven’t had a time when we didn’t have something we could be doing.  So much going on all over the ship and really nicely staggered.

But of course some things will interfere with set events like dinner or cocktail parties, I just learn to go with the flow.

Cabin is excellent, steward is very attentive too. Emma goes home at the end of this voyage and she is quite excited.  She has provided us with all the necessary items we requested and we have not been in need of anything.

Laundry service is coming back the next day.  I think this is because the number of elites is manageable. 

Still don’t care for the Deluxe Balcony cabins, just not enough counter/storage space and we really don’t need the couch. 

We are on the Starboard side - we have only been on the side of the pier once and that was Dominica.

There are no pool towels left in the cabin each day.  There are large towel stations up on deck where you can pick up towels to take ashore or use by the pool.

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