Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Tuesday Evening – Medical Visit and Singing the Night Away with the Beatles

Once back on board we immediately need showers to get the salt off and try and clear some of the sand that made it’s way onboard with us.  Suits and our floats need rinsing too.

I know I need to see the Doctor on board.  One good thing we are good friends with Dr. Dylan and it is a joy.  I have been experiencing issues with my ears for a while now.  

Usually things clear up nicely and then it comes back a month a month or so later.  Recently, well after we got back from our Fall trip I had that influenza and I am sure it triggered an issue with the ears again.  So recently (past week) they are bothering me again.  They felt much better in Florida but are bothering me again and really bad last night.  It prevented me from ducking my head in the water today.  When we saw Dylan last night he insisted I come down to his office. 

So at 4:45 I am in the waiting room (office hours during port days in the afternoon are 4:30 – 6:30 and also the morning too – check your Patter).

There are quite a few people ahead of us but we are seen by a nurse quite quickly and around 45 minutes later I am in Dylan’s office.  He deals with the ears and wants to see me again in around 24 hours to check them and see if there is an infection after the swelling goes down.  I am on my way with some drops and some anti inflammatory pills. 

I have been on over 60 cruises and we both have only been to the doctors on board 3 times and every time has been Dylan – we tease him and say he is either so darn good we need to see him or he is a jinx. 

One thing I have to say is this medical office is amazing – I know I use that word a lot but they just are.  So professional, so caring, so patient and a bit of humour thrown in too.  They see it all here and the fact that they can deal with it just blows me away.

Back in the cabin we change for dinner and head to the elite lounge for a quick drink before it ends. 

At around 7 pm we head down to Vines to meet up with Michael for some wine and to catch up.  It is so nice chatting with him.  We laughed a lot and being with a fellow Canadian who grew up in Vancouver brings up some fond memories.  We encounter a lot of crew on board and we are proud to call many of them true friends and now even more are family – family that we choose.

Tonight we had plans to head to Concerto Dining room for our 8 pm reservation.  We had not been to the table yet this cruise as our plans the 2nd night were Sabatinis, and last night was formal so tonight is our first time there. 

We arrive late though, very late and ask if any table is available.  They apologize that our table was given away after we did not show and they sit us in the same section.  

Totally fine with us, and we tell them that and it is not expected that they hold the table for us. 

We have a great meal with great service and are trying to eat fast so we can ensure to get a good seat in the Princess Theater for the Beatle Maniacs.  They have three shows tonight 6:45, 8:15 and 10:30 and since we don’t know if they will be on the next three legs or not we make sure to see them tonight.

At 10 we are seating right in the front.  We have learned that we much prefer to be right up close where we don’t have other passengers to distract us.  It bothers us when others talk thru the shows (not really relevant for this show) or get up in the middle of the show and then make their way down the aisle to leave, or especially the ones who don’t put in an effort to actually enjoy the show.  Sure the show is “free” to you but hey they work very hard.  If you do not think you will like it or will probably scoot out part way sit on an aisle seat near the back so you won’t disturb others.

But this show is PACKED with only a few seats in the lower section to the sides.  This is a new group of guys performing from other years but they are WOW.  They encourage us all to sing along, to dance and to definitely clap our hands.

We walk out of there hoarse from singing and feeling totally energized.  You know seeing a show like this at home would cost at minimum $50 and probably more.  I do hope they are on for our last leg so our friends Simon and Angelique can see them.

Back in the cabin around 11:30 and we giggle cause tomorrow we are in Curacao but the port guide in our mail box is for Dominica…. Wow this has never happened to us before.  It is a good thing we know these islands.


  1. Hi Vickie, just wondering if normal medical travel insurance covers doctors visits while onboard or if you end up paying for it later. Can you share what if anything you were charges for your visit? Many like me have heard horror stories of huge bills for medical at sea. Thanks.

    1. Hi Karen, it is very difficult to answer as each country of residence is different and of course the plan you buy etc. Normally most insurance reimburse you for nominal fees. I am in Canada and the bill would be submitted to my provincial medical first and anything not covered is put thru our travel insurance