Wednesday, January 27, 2016

January 26, 2016 - St. Thomas

When we wake we are already docked.  Today is a busy day in St. Thomas.  There are a total of four ships in port - two at Havensight (including us along with an NCL Ship) and two at Crown Bay (one being the Oasis of the Seas).  It will be a crazy day on the island.

We both are not sure what we want to do.  Beach is out, it will be just too crazy.  So we head down to breakfast and relax for a bit and discuss it over breakfast and then a coffee in the Atrium.

I tell Bernie I really would like to just relax and get a nap in as well last night was a very late night after having Sanja and Marty over for drinks - think we said goodnight around 1 am.  So I need a nap and I am back in the cabin and sleeping around lunch time.

the results of a great night

Then when I do finally wake up we are both still feeling really lazy so we just grab a salad from upstairs and back in the cabin and we are watching a movie. 

So the whole day was - well very very relaxing.  Nap, lunch, movie, and then another nap.  Any more relaxed they would be throwing dirt on me.

All aboard is 4:30 and I am out on the deck watching everyone file back on board - pier is on the starboard side today.  The throngs of people heading back to the NCL ship are a very different demographic.  Much much younger, I am guessing the average age is 25 because there are a lot of kids.  I am wondering how the kids can be out of school right now.  Gee when I was a kid we were not allowed to be taken out of school during the year. 

There is one runner back to the ship…. He is a single and is running along the fence 15 minutes late.  He is lucky.
As we sail past the NCL ship I am in awe of all the activities it has on the open deck.  Looks like some kind of jungle gym/obstacle course.  Looks like fun but I would much rather have deck space or even another pool.

Tonight our friends Dylan and Ben are coming over to the cabin for drinks and dinner.

We start with some champagne (remember call room service and they will deliver an ice bucket and champagne glasses).  Then the wine comes out -- oh we better order some food.

For the first time ever we order the pizza from room service. Tonight’s feature pizza is Hawaiian, so we get one of those and two pepperonis.  Note there is a $3 fee for pizza deliver but the pizzas are a bit larger than the ones in Alfredos and they come in a pizza box!  The three pizzas were too much for the four of us, but I am thinking two pizzas would not have been enough.

Anyways another great night with great friends and we finally hit the hay around 1 am.

There was lots happening on board tonight:  Ye Olde Pub Night (which they didn’t do last cruise), comedian Steve Caouette, Liberty String Quartet, Mad Photo Hour, Perry Grant in Crooners, Love Boat Disco Deck Party, Vista Lounge is showing the movie Ant Man and then the Night Sky Lounge at the Retreat Pool.

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