Monday, January 11, 2016

Sunday Evening – At Sea

Tonight is smart casual and we are dressed and we are wandering around checking out the activities.

We are celebrating Alice’s birthday tonight.  Her birthday is January 7 and she is extra special to us so we are happy to be celebrating her day with her.  We are dining at Sabatinis tonight.

But first we head to the Princess Theater to see Troy Thirdgill a comedian.  Very funny man and we really enjoyed a good laugh. 

We went to the 6:45 show.  It ended at 7:30 and when it ended it is hard to get out of the theater as so many people are lining the entrance trying to get in.  Basically the main door is blocked on one side so it was very hard to get out of the theater.  What is shocking is the second show didn’t even start until 8:15!  They have 45 minutes to come in and get a seat – so why force your way in, let us out first.  This was an issue last year too so I hope Princess looks at maybe roping off the entrance to prevent people from coming in till we have left.

Vines is quiet and we take a seat there and Bernie gets a glass of wine and I get sparkling water.  I love that Vines is a full bar here that can make any drink.

Our reservation was at 8 and we are sat at a table in Pierre’s section.  Champagne was served and Pierre informs us of what is good on the menu. 

We decide to share some appetizers, calamari, artichoke soufflé and the tomato and mozzarella salad.

For dinner I had the lobster three ways and of course it was very good but very rich.  Bernie had the bass fillet and Alice had the shrimp dish.  All was yummy!

The whole meal was delicious and the service was top notch, probably some of the best we have had in a long time.  Pierre was attentive but not too much.  He allowed us to enjoy our conversation intermingled with checking in with us and refilling glasses.

After dinner we head up to the Lido deck to walk around and digest a bit. 

The clocks go forward and hour today so before turning in we adjust the clocks.

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