Friday, January 15, 2016

Grenada Afternoon

The sail into the harbour is lovely.  The scenery is lush, mountains rise from the water, and houses dot the sides. It is neat seeing small vines snaking up the mountain sides.  

You can even smell the spices in the air because you are now visiting the Isle of Spice.

Being up on deck the sounds of Tyrone playing the steel pan make the dream a reality.  There is already a ship in port -- RCL Navigator of the Seas.  We wave back and forth and comment on the ship -- as cruisers do.  The balconies seems dark and cut out of the sides of the ship.  They are a bit wider than ours on the Royal but they are just as long and very very dark.  

Later we find out that Michael Prasse the HGM on our ship rolled out that RCL ship when it first came out.  Small world!

Our plans today are to head out and walk around and head over to BBs Crab Shack to meet up with Sanja and Marty.  It is hot out and the wind is strong, in fact a friend mentioned that the water taxi was not running from it’s normal place today because it was too rough; although other friends must of got it at the right time as they went over from there.  So can’t confirm exactly what or where or when the water taxi was running but I know they were shuttling people over from one of the many areas that they can.

We snake our way thru the mall that is right at the pier that we are forced to walk thru.  Feels kind of like salmon swimming upstream as many RCL passengers are coming back to their ship.  

Finally outside we stop in and say hi to our favorite spice lady at stall 21.  She is busy so we continue onwards towards the tunnel.  

To get to BBs turn right outside of the mall, walk one block to the tunnel.  Walk thru the tunnel on the right hand side single file playing attention to the cars.  It looks scary but trust me it is good but pay attention, leave  your phones/cameras alone here.  Once out of the tunnel turn left, go one block, then turn right towards the water/harbour.  

once you leave the tunnel walk towards this building and turn right
This use to be the old harbour that ships would tender into. This is where we first arrived via tender on my first cruise on the Carnival Ecstasy back in the early 90s back before they built the new pier.  Once at the water turn right and walk to the end of the street and BBs is the last building.

this is your view, when you get to the water turn right

Today it is busy, people are still here from the RCL ship and the Princess ship is now arriving.  The place is full and there is a short queue that does get longer.  So make sure to come early for a good table.  We are sat at a table soon thereafter.  Anna -- the owner and also BBs wife is running like crazy.  Apparently some of the staff did not show up today.  Oh my, and BB is not here as he is out of the country at the moment.  Anna manages to call in some friends to help out, including her daughters’ friend who shows up after school in her uniform still and chips in.  

It is nice to spend some time with Sanja and Marty away from work, but as shopping hosts they are still on even when ashore.  I see many people approaching them both with questions and they take time to make sure they are answered and directed to the right place.  They both are welcoming and act as gracious hosts, even offering to assist Anna if she needs anything.  Talk about consummate hosts!  
I know working with the public personally is never easy but the fact that you always have a smile and are helpful is truly something that only a few have and obviously Marty and Sanja have this gift.  

If  you go to BBs make sure to get the rum punch!  Wicked and the crab dish they are known for!  I have pictures of the dishes and menus and will attempt to put up if I have enough wifi but if not will put up once I get home.

BB's Crabback

Callaloo and Okra Soup

We sit there for 2.5 hours and after a few drinks and some great food, and amazing views.  Oh my the view right on the water takes your breath away.  Remember you are on vacation, you are on island time, and so many people would love to be in your shoes right now (or flip flops).

After lunch we make our way back to the ship.  We are both tired.  I haven’t been sleeping well, seems every night at 3:30 I wake up and this morning I stayed up.  So we relax back in the cabin watching a bit of the movie Horrible Bosses 2 (too funny) but we can’t keep our eyes open so we crash for an hour before having to get up and dressed for dinner.

We meet up with Cindy and Dave in Vines before dinner.  

The Runway at Sea Fashion Show is just ending.

For dinner we are sat at our table and we enjoy the rest of our wine from the other night -- remember that you can re cork your wine and store it for another night no matter where you dine.

I start with the pineapple and coconut appetizer which I have had before but this time it is much more flavourful.  I then have a bowl of the pepper pot soup with the small empanada - yum.  For my entrĂ©e I had the Shrimp with the hoisin sauce.  I liked the shrimp but there was way too much sauce for me, but Dave who had the same dish had very little sauce.  But I can recommend the dish.

For dessert I decide to enjoy a cheese plate with the rest of my wine.  But I am surprised when I see the cheese plate.  

One small piece of brie and two small pieces of some white cheese.  Four crackers and 3 grapes.  They are very good but I am use to a bit more cheese, at least one other variety.  Hope this is not the norm.  But I guess I could ask for two.

I connect with the Head Waiter to confirm whether we are able to do the Wine Maker's Dinner for the last night of this voyage.  She confirms that it is a go and I add two more to the list.  We will be 11 people now and I am so thankful they are able to do this as it is not normal for them to do a Wine Maker's Dinner the last night.

After dinner we are not sure what to do.  We have seen Hawley Magic before and they are very good - Dave and Cindy saw the early show at 6:45 and liked it.  We hang out in the Atrium for a while listening to the Atomic Party Band.  
The waterfall show is happening so we head up to the pool deck to catch it.  But when we arrive we are told it was cancelled due to the high winds and yes it is windy.  In fact it is hard to even walk up on deck.  

The Stargazing show is happening too but the next one is not until 10:30 and it is around 9:30 now.  

After wandering for a bit we both agree maybe an early night is due and watch the rest of the Horrible Bosses movie.

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