Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy Birthday Bernie - January 18, 2016 Sea Day

As we arrived back in the cabin just before midnight last night and as Bernie was using the washroom I decorated the cabin quickly with some 60th Birthday decorations.  Surprise!!

When we wake in the morning I present Bernie with all the birthday messages I collected prior to leaving.  So many from our cruise friends and our cruise family who are all over the world.  So beautiful, brought tears to our eyes.  So special.

Bernie insists on still heading out to get coffees and he is surprised to see a big Happy Birthday banner on the door from Alice along with a lovely gift.  Love you Alice.

It is a little overcast today but the sun is still there and it is still warm and muggy but I am not really interested in hanging out on deck today.  In fact I am going to shower and get dressed and head to the International CafĂ©.

Lunch today is our Most Travelled Luncheon.  We arrive at Sabatinis just prior to noon and we see quite a few familiar faces.  Many people sail on this itinerary every year.  We are sat at Michael Prasse’s table along with a couple from Atlanta as well as a couple from London.  It was a great table and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

The meal was amazing… here is the menu

Maine Lobster Salad, refreshing summer salad of Lobster, Avocado, tomatoes and fennel pickled pear julienne with lobster vinaigrette micro salad leaves, 
Wild Berry Gazpacho Honey and yogurt parfait  Brioche Crouton with Raspberry and Blackberry beads

Almond Crusted Lemon Sole Fillets, chanterelle, morel and porcini mushrooms tomato concasse and sweet corn puree almond brown butter jus,
French Trimmed Rack of Lamb, Brioche and pistachio crust Aubergine Caviar with Tomato and Cumin Confit Garlic Potatoes, Red Currant Reduction, 
Potato and Sage Gnocchi, Gorgonzola and Walnut Pesto, Parmigianino Crisps

Dessert:  Passion Fruit Parfait, Lemongrass Cream with Coconut Sorbet, Raspberry Ripple and Coconut Tuile.  Gourmandize and tea and coffee.

They surprised us with a big birthday cake and singing Happy Birthday to Bernie - again our eyes fill with tears, how special.

We are back in the cabin relaxing.  I have a few more surprises for Bernie.  Champagne later in the cabin before meeting up with very good friends for the Wine Maker’s Dinner at 7 pm.  Will report more later.

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