Monday, January 11, 2016

At Sea

As you already know I woke up very early and with a gift, yeah a gift of a hangover!  After relaxing in bed suffering for an hour I got dressed and I head downstairs to the International CafĂ© with my computer to write up my blog and post.  After a while the ship starts to come alive and Bernie joins me.

The weather is lovely, it is clear and getting hot and the seas are so very very calm.  Probably some of the calmest we have ever seen.

After two lattes and a small bit of muselix I am feeling a bit better but oh I really don’t want any alcohol.  I am also glad at this moment I did not get the all inclusive drink package because I know I would of overdone it and I would be suffering more often.

We head up to Horizon Court for a small bite to eat.  I love the fact that as soon as I arrive there is someone there to direct us to wash our hands at the sinks.  I love that this ship has sinks that we can use instead of the hand sanitizers cause those sanitizers dry out my hands.

Oh it is so nice to be up in the Horizon Court and enjoy it’s flow.  Even though it is busy it is not too crowded.  Sure there are areas where you may have to wait a minute to get to the food but what I usually do is see someone at the food I want and I just turn around and get something else and come back.

So after picking up some fruit (banana, apple and some watermelon) I am back in the cabin and get ready for the day.

Our Cruise Critic Roll call was very popular with regular posters.  I was especially impressed with Ken who posted often and made sure the group was informed and welcomed.  The group met up in Club 6 and was well attended.  The gentleman (sorry forgot his name) made sure that everyone was introduced and was so nice for him to arrange the invites for the officers.  

Many officers attended including Hotel General Manager Michael Prasse, Cruise Director, Maitre D’ Hotel, Executive Chef, F and B Manager, Customer Services Director, Executive Housekeeper, Bar Manager, gee I hope that is everyone. 

Michael the HGM really shines here, he talks and puts everyone at ease with his sense of humour and friendliness.  He explains about how sorry there are no mid ship staircase for public access but did mention that there will be changes during dry-dock with a possibility of changing the mid ship stairs to public – but a possibility not confirmed.

I get to see Federico the Maitre D finally and it is so nice to see him again.  We have sailed with him many times recently.  He offers to get us a table for every night and we agree that perhaps a table for two for later would be great.  I also asked him about reserving the Wine Maker’s 

Dinner for the last night for Bernie’s Birthday.  I have nine confirmed and possibly more so we have our fingers crossed he can do that.

At 11:30 it is the shopping show and since we are so close to Sanja and her partner Martin Frost.  We promised we would come down and see the show.  We have never been to the shopping show but they are worth it and want to see them. 

Have to say I was very impressed by Martin, he is very at ease with the passengers and it is like we are chatting directly with him he makes it that comfortable.  Having never been I am quite surprised at all the detailed pieces of information we have received.  I especially am impressed with the checklist.  Write your name and cabin number at the top and then check off the things you are interested in, diamonds?  Watches?  Cameras?  And they will prepare a detailed package specifically for your needs and where to buy what items you are interested in.  Wow.  Also the theater is very full. 

We lasted just over 30 minutes but neither of us are into shopping at all.  In fact we are probably the opposite of shoppers we are trying to get rid of things.  When Martin starts to discuss each individual port we leave.

Since I didn’t have very much for breakfast we agree to head to the dining room for lunch.  Concerto is open for lunch and we are sat at a table for two.  I get the Thai soup to start – and I LOVE it, I always love this soup, but today it is extra flavourful.  I have the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich with fries and it was also very good.  Service was top notch and the meal hit the spot. 

I need a nap!  After getting up so darn early I need to rest or I won’t make it to the evening activities.  And after a two hour nap we are both rested and feeling refreshed.

Activities today included:  Zumba, Trivia, Clay Pigeon Shooting Simulation, Bible Study, Digital Photo Seminar, Line Dancing, Book Club, Lawn Bowling, Fruit and Vegetable Carving, Traditional Pub Lunch, Swim with the Sharks Competition, Knitters and needlepoint get together, Ballroom Blitz, Mardi Gras Dance Class, Wii@Sea Resort Sports Challenge Cycling, Veterans and Military Get Together, Stammtisch table, Culinary Demo, and an afternoon Zumba class.

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