Saturday, January 16, 2016

St. Thomas January 16, 2016

Well have you ever had one of those days when things just don’t seem to go right?  Well today was one of those days.  I try to go with the flow and embrace it.  But since I blog I felt I needed to share it as well, the good/smooth days as well as the bumpy ones.

So we meet up with friends to head ashore together to catch the ferry to Water Island.  We were there at the pier around 15 minutes early.  We were the second group to get there.  The crowd grew and by the time the ferry got there we sadly were turned away cause there were too many people already.  Even those that arrived after us got on before us.  Normally this small group would fit fine in the larger ferry but it is the small one.  Our friends, except for George and Bernie and I make it on.  The driver says that he will come back and get us right away.

It is at this time that I turn to Bernie and say “I am heading back to the ship” Bernie wanted to still go, so him and George went.  When they came back he said it was lovely.  They now have a shuttle that is free that will meet you at the pier and take you to the beach if walking is an issue. 

For me I got back on the ship and gathered my items for a few hours up on the sun deck at the Retreat Pool. 
I am surprised, well not really surprised at how many people have actually put stuff down on the chairs to reserve them with a t shirt or towel with a clip or even a book.  

Now as I sat there for three hours not a single person came to claim these items.  It saddened me to think that these people would be so selfish to take a chair and not even use it.  I do wish Princess enforced the no chair hog policy.  But again I let it go and enjoy the deck.

It is quiet and the weather is perfect.  Light breeze, a few clouds and beautiful sunshine.  For lunch I grab a chicken burger with fries.  This is the first time I have ever had a chicken burger and I have to say I really enjoyed it. 

Around 2 pm I head back to the cabin to sit out on the deck and read but the sun is just way too strong and hot here.  I retreat back inside and close the blackout drapes to try and keep the sun at bay.  Bernie walks in shortly thereafter.  He showers and he proposes a pizza from Alfredos.

I am not really hungry but I will get a salad.  So we head down to deck 6.  The place is very quiet.  We are sat at a table for two by the window.  Another table was sat just before us. 

A buffet steward is helping out the regular waiter today.  He comes over to see if we want a drink.  Yes I say I would like a litre of the white sangria and he turns to leave.  I stop him and say, also a Blue Moon Beer too for Bernie. 

He comes back and gives us the litre and the beer but no glass for the sangria.  I ask for a glass and he brings us these small glasses and I ask “oh are they no longer using the water type glasses”.  Oh no problem he says and returns with two glasses.  Bernie notices that there is lip stick remnants on his.  He asks for a new glass and the guy says oh that is normal they all have that -- I smirk as I don’t think the guy heard what we said.  He thinks we are referring to the water marks, which yes the glass is full of.  He asks Bernie if he still would like a new glass.  Yes… the second glass comes and it is good, but sure there are still tons of water marks which Bernie takes his napkin and wipes it clean. 

So we sit there enjoying our drinks.  The table that arrived just before us has ordered.  Two more tables are sat and their order is taken.  We wait and I tried to get her attention.  But she seems not well.  She served us the other day and she seemed much better.  I am sure she is not well. 

So after waiting 20 minutes we just grab our drinks and get up.  The head waiter asks us if we are okay and we said we are fine but we just can’t wait any longer. 

What a difference from the last time here.  Last time it was packed and busy but it worked.  Today it is dead quiet and many of the servers are not busy but we are forgotten.

Anyways we head to the Atrium and sit in Vines and grab some food from the International CafĂ©.  I get a pork sandwich with chicken and cashew nut salad.  It was very good.  Bernie gets a sundae and we share it. 

They are doing a Speedy Sudoku in the Wheelhouse and I am proud to say I came in first and won a clip.

Sail away is four and we ask Alice to come join us.  We enjoy a drink on the balcony for the stunning views. 

We relax in the early evening watching the movie the Interim on the tv in the cabin.  We could only watch about a half hour of it before our eyes were closing.  We napped for an hour.

Tonight is a formal night and we are not dressing up so we relax once we wake and get dressed and head to the Horizon Court around 8:30 pm.  I am impressed with the food and the service was top notch.

It is also the Captain Circle Party tonight but we are skipping it this trip.

After dinner we walk the deck for a bit.  There are two football games on the MUTS screen tonight but we are not football watchers.  We wander to the retreat pool and put our feet in the water and chat and stare up at the stars for the next hour.  We discuss our plans for tomorrow in Grand Turk and what we need to do in Fort Lauderdale on turn around day.

Back in the cabin we finish watching the movie we started earlier.  We feel rested and we are so glad we did what we did today.  Even though the plans did not pan out exactly as we had hoped it works out just the way we needed it to.

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  1. Hi Again,
    There's some discussion on the Princess board about Lisa Ball. If she's still on the ship could you ask her if she knows her future schedule? (BTW - everyone (including us!) LOVES her!