Saturday, January 9, 2016

Friday January 8, 2016

I am awake at 5:30!  What I am on vacation!  But I did go to sleep at 10:30 so I guess 7 hours will do - but I woke up quite a bit throughout the night.  I had a giggle as sometime during the night I woke up to head to the washroom and when I came back crawled into the bed on the wrong side and banged into Bernie – not that he complained.  He just said “what are you doing” and I responded “I am confused”.  Of course staying in two different rooms in two nights does that to you.

I am sitting here now and typing up the blog from yesterday and it is just before 7 am.  Our plans today are simple.  Coffee, breakfast, pedicure, and shopping for toiletries --- when you go for 30 days it just makes sense to buy the necessary items like sunscreen, shampoo/conditioner, soda, champagne (again not in order of priority) once we arrive.
We decide to head out to breakfast at Lester’s Diner on Flamingo Road.  We ate there last year and it was good so we are heading back.  It isn’t anything fancy, just a regular diner type food, it is inexpensive, quick and good and fits the bill.

I should add that it is overcast here today with the chance of showers so we wear t shirts but bring a light wind breaker just in case.  Well as soon as we are outside we are way too warm with the wind breaker.  But whenever we enter a building their AC is on and it is cool and we need something more than just our t shirts.  Once back outside we are warm again.  Go figure.  Plus the showers they called for were very very light spitting of moisture coming from the sky.

After a stop for a coffee at Starbucks we are at Sawgrass by 10:45 and checking out the shops.  This shopping trip is different though than other years. This time we need to factor in the exchange rate and with it being $1.30 (actually probably worse as it dropped again) Canadian for $1 US dollar we find the prices just are not worth buying here as we can get it cheaper at home. 

So after picking up our necessary items at Target we both comment that this is the cheapest trip to Sawgrass we have ever made.

Back at the hotel around 2 pm we head to the business center to print out our luggage tags as we did not get a chance to do it at home as we didn’t get our cabin assignment till late Wednesday after we left. 

There is a lovely garden walk way around the hotel with a beautiful pool area with bar and lounges.  If the weather was better we would be laying out. 

We are tired and I would really like to nap and do try to, but a family seems to have moved in upstairs and all I hear are chairs being dragged and children running around.  Argh, there goes our peaceful, tranquil hotel room.  I am glad I brought ear plugs for tonight.  But as I write this I glare over at Bernie who is sound asleep having a restful night.  I so wish I wasn’t so sensitive with noise. 

We are meeting friends Dave and Cindy for dinner tonight.  They will be on the cruise with us and we look forward to sailing with them again.  I think this is the third time we have sailed together.

A big stop for us is always Total Wine near the port where we buy our wine/champagne.  Dave and Cindy have agreed to bring on two bottles for us as they won’t be bringing any of their own on.  So we buy three bottles of champagne that we love to celebrate Bernie’s big day and a bottle of wine.  His sisters sent him some money for his birthday so he bought two bottles of champagne with it – he says THANKS Karen, Judy, Brenda and Bernette!

Dinner is at Carrabbas Italian Restaurant for a great meal and a fun time to catch up with Cindy and Dave.  Lots of laughs!

We are back at the hotel around 10 pm and everything is quiet again here.  I am so tired, with little sleep the night before the flight and little sleep last night I am due for a good one.  I was not awake long and don’t even remember the 11 pm news.


  1. Hi Vickie I have a question for you . We will be on the Royal for a 20 day b2b in april... Will you let me know if they have they laundry special, where you can put as much in a bag as will fit and the charge is $20 or so... We always use this if the cruise line has it, some do and some don't....I know you have been on the Royal before, so if you remember from before , but if not just let me know if they do it anytime on this cruise. thanks for any info

    1. Hi Marsha, I will keep my eyes peeled to see if this is offered. I haven't seen it in ahwile but I know they use to do this. Great laundry facilities on board though for use by everyone

    2. thanks Vickie , I really appreciate it

  2. Hi Vickie, Love hearing about your adventures and quite envious at you running away from our lovely Canadian weather. I too am continually annoyed at hearing that it takes US$0.70 to buy a CDN$1.00 but I am even more annoyed when you flip that over and realize it costs CDN$1.43 to buy a US$1.00; not the $1.30 you mentioned. That is the main reason why we could not jump at those amazing fares offered on the Emerald Princess recently. Please continue to share your updates so we can all pretend to sail with you. Cheers!