Friday, January 15, 2016

Dominica January 14, 2016

Darn it is 3:30 am and I am wide awake again!  This time I lay in bed and pull out my book and read for 2.5 hours until I fall back asleep.  Thankfully Bernie can sleep thru.  When he wakes he quietly gets dressed and heads out.  He comes and goes throughout the morning while I sleep.

I finally wake around 11 am feeling refreshed.  When we watch the morning show and then shower and I head down to the International CafĂ© to get some lunch around noon.

There are a lot of people who have stayed on the ship.  We are docked in Dominica and we are at the industrial pier which is only a five minute shuttle ride to town but this does deter people from getting off.  You can walk into town too, but it is at least a half hour walk and it is hot.  There is a large building here right at this pier that sells trinkets and stuff if you just want to get off and shop.  But I do encourage people who have never been here before to head out and explore this island.

We love this place and we have used Antours numerous time for many different private tours.  It is even possible to just get off and hire a private guide ashore for a bit of an island tour.  The falls are beautiful and they have a nice botanical garden that you can walk to from the downtown core. 

So as I sit here in the Atrium a group of beautiful women come on and they are representing the Dominican pageant and even Miss Dominica 2016 is here.  It is nice that Princess invites them on for the day.

Lots  happening this morning and afternoon:  trivia, lawn bowls competition, charades, croquet open play, tennis, ping pong, Afternoon Movie the Intern in Vista Lounge, champagne ring toss, win lose or draw, golf putting challenge, sail away with Tyrone Babb, afternoon tea, nail care clinic, Movies Under the Stars is Il Divo, Jewish Sabbath Service and more.


  1. Hi Vickie,
    Really enjoying reading about your cruise(s).
    Any news about the names of the Headwaiters on board? (Looking for Roberto (Boboli or Navarro), Arkadiusz and Franco)
    Also any chance you'll stay on a little longer? Hint- hint.

    1. Hi Karen, sorry I have been looking for any familiar faces but sorry nope. All different this year. Franco is on the Grand now. But the ones we have dealt with here are amazing.

    2. Thanks! I know that most of the Headwaiters are fabulous but it's always so nice to meet up with an old friend!