Thursday, January 14, 2016

Grenada January 14, 2016

I once again wake up early and today we are determined to head to the dining room for breakfast.  We dress and head down to Concerto Dining room.  We enter on the Port side and are told to go to the Starboard side.  I guess when one side fills up they move us over to the other side to sit us right away.  Although it is one big dining room it does make it a bit easier to sit.

We are sit in what they call the Stage - it is the center circle with the banquette all around the outside, just in front of where they do the Wine Maker’s Dinner.

At first our waiter is kind of stand offish.. seems like he just woke up.  But after a bit he loosens up and he is smiling at least.  I get my cappuccino and I ordered a mushroom and cheese omelette with sausage and toast.  I love the omelettes on board and I like that they are the size of a two egg omelette now, before they use to be way too big and I couldn’t finish it.  This size is just perfect and I am able to finish it.

We run into Darlene and Ken outside Princess Theater and they are wanting to check out the Life@Sea Presentation that Lisa does about what it is like to work on a ship.  Lisa is the only cruise director I have ever seen do this type of presentation.  It is very informative and you learn a lot about the ship and how it runs and what each department is and who they report to.  I am not sure if they recorded it but if they do it may be good to catch in on the on demand tv system the Royal has. (note later I can confirm that they did have it on the On Demand System).

We don’t arrive in Grenada until 1 pm so we have a full morning to relax.  Bernie is watching Black Mass in the cabin while I shower and have a facial.  But I realize it is 9:45 and I told Dr. Dylan I would be down to get my ears checked.  Oh… I moved fast and was down there at 10:05.  

Their office closed at 10 but he brought me in right away.  I am happy to report the swelling in each canal has gone down and it looks like I have a skin condition that requires a cream.  He gets Gina the Head Nurse to flush the ears and sends me on my way with some cream to apply to the ears.  They are so good here! 

We are heading out when we arrive to BB’s Crab Shack.  We have been here before and love it.  It is one of the recommended restaurants here.  If you want to read more about BB’s Crab Shack go to the Grenada label on the blog and you can read about it.

Lots happening before our arrival.  Zumba, Free Sunrise Stretch Class, Free Abdominal Workshop, Holiday Store at Sea Gifts for only $10, Morning Trivia, Wii@Sea Resort Challenge Archery, Life@Sea Presentation, Basketball Players Get Together, 60 Second Frenzy Gameshow, MUTS Pitch Perfect 2, Sophia Fiori Tanzanite presentation, Celebrity Heads Challenge, Golf Putting Challenge, Walk Around Digital Photo Seminar, How to Increase Your Metabolism, Big, Body Corrective Therapy, String Quartet, Games Get Together in Symphony Dining Room, Brunchtime Trivia, Steel Pan with Tyrone Babb up on deck. 
All that before we arrive in Grenada at 1 pm.

This Afternoon’s Activities are Ping Pong Challenge, Afternoon Movie Bridge of Spies in Vista Lounge, Knitters and Needlepoint Get Together, Mahjong and Bridge play, Afternoon Trivia, Basketball 3 Pointers, Afternoon Tea, Friends of Bob and Bill W Meeting, Balloon and Can Shooting, MUTS Paul McCartney, Shuffleboard Open Play, Singles and Solos Mix and Mingles, Pre Dinner Dancing with Atomic Party Band.


  1. Thanks for this live blog, my fiance and I will be on the Royal on the 29th and reading your blog is getting us both really excited!!

    1. Excellent Chris, congrats on your engagement, make sure if you see me you say hi. I will be on board!