Saturday, January 16, 2016

Afternoon in Dominica

We set sail at 4 so all aboard is 3:30 and many people have stayed on the whole day.  One thing about this big ship is we always dock at this more industrial port away from town.  The other ships are able to dock right in downtown and it is a short walk to many stores/sites.  

After lunch Bernie and I meet up and head to the gelato bar on deck five to have our first ice cream sundae.  I get the strawberry sundae and Bernie gets the Peach Melba sundae.  
If you have a coffee card use it as it only cost one punch on your card.  Or you can charge it to your account for a small fee, I believe it is $3.50.  We really enjoyed them, mine was extra sweet with the sauce so if I got another one I would request a bit less strawberry sauce.

Sail away is a pretty one and there is a rainbow just over the island.  We enjoy the balcony sipping some wine and snacking on some guacamole and chips.

We dress for dinner and we head to the dining room to our regular table.  I am happy to report that Federico the Maitre D’ has confirmed that we will be able to have the Wine Maker’s Dinner on the last sea day with our group of friends to celebrate Bernie’s Birthday.  

Tonight is Italian night theme, but it is a bit different than it use to be, but was still very good.  We start with the lentil soup, the pasta dish with the spice and garlic and for my entrĂ©e I have the breaded veal.  I have the orange sorbet for dessert.  

We also get a bottle of wine to take with us for the cabin from our wine card.  Make sure to check the blog I wrote all about the wine card, here is the link.  The only downside is you can’t get wine from it in the bars or Vines.  So we get a bottle and take it back to the cabin for another time.  

The Silver card entitles you to bottles at a value of $29.  If you order something over $29 they charge you for the full amount of the bottle then credit you the $29.  It use to take a day or two to get the credit, I have noticed that on this ship it is happening within 12 hours.  Very good.

After dinner we head up to the top deck for the Love Boat Disco Deck Party that starts at 9:15.  This is the first time we have seen it.  It is only on the Regal or Royal and it hadn’t started when we were on board last year.  

Atomic is playing and they are playing Disco tunes.  The singers and dancers come out and perform and I especially enjoyed the video of the original Love Boat cast.  At one point they had the kiss cam and they directed it to couples.  I laughed when we were brought up on it and Lisa calls out “yes Vickie and Bernie kiss” so of course we did.

Photographers are out too taking pictures with the giant Love Boat Life Preserver - but with the wind and humidity I can already tell you I will not be buying that picture.
We dance, we sing, we do the Issac - yup the Issac.  You have to see it to believe it.

After the show we then head further forward to the Night Sky Lounge that is held in the Retreat Pool.  Beautiful lighted structures are all around.  The ambiance is so cool - kind of a South Beach bar feel.  DJ Shea spins the tunes and at 11 it is Buy One Get One for $1 Happy Hour.  There are quite a few people up here.  We stay for around 15 minutes but we are now beat and ready for bed.

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