Sunday, January 24, 2016

Barbados - January 24, 2016

We did nothing today ----

Who am I kidding we did close to nothing and we loved it.

First I should go back to last night.  We did end up going to the Horizon Court for the Mongolian BBQ Buffet.  If you have never been you should try it out.  You pick all your vegetables (and there are many different options), then you can add a sauce.  The crew member asks you what you want as a protein and then gives you a number and they stir fry it and return it to you.

I love it, it is something different and I love that I can custom make it.  One issue that could be a problem is if you have any type of allergy.  No one asked me if I had an allergy (because I am okay with seafood/nuts etc) but when they first brought my dish I noticed a few small shrimp and some mini cobb corns.  I know I didn’t ask for it or put it in my bowl for the stir fry.  I guess they must of fried my plate in a pan with some remnants of someone else’s stir fry.  

Again not a problem for me but could be for someone else so if you do have allergies, stay away or ensure that they use a brand new frying pan.

Okay back to doing nothing today! 

We woke to the sounds of docking.  Today the pier is the one closest to the port building.  They have small buses that you can take to main building but it is walkable.  There are three ships in port, us the Queen Elizabeth 2 (which is really looking in need of a paint job) and a smaller Thompson ship that is doing a turn around today.  Now that cruise line looks like something I probably would never take - enough said about that.  The pier is located on our starboard side and we are able to watch all the action on the pier today.

After breakfast we both agree that we are going to skip the beach.  After two full days at the beach and lots of sun and with going to the beach tomorrow today would be a good day to just walk to Rollies and get a drink.

Around noon we meet up with Michael and head ashore - Bernie wants to introduce Corn n Oil drinks to him - read all about it here.

The port building is buzzing and lots of people shopping, lots of people are at the bar just outside the building but we want somewhere a little quieter.  We walk past the throngs of taxis turning down their offer of a ride.  We leave the port on the left side and go past the round about and down one block.

Rollies is right on the corner (link to their Four Square page) but today it looks way too quiet.  The owner is there unpacking his truck of items for the restaurant.  No one is here.  I ask “are you open” he says no but that they can sell us some beer.  I am not sure exactly why it wasn’t open, could be that it is Sunday but I did confirm with him that he is not closed permanently just right now.

We ask if we can get a corn n oil drink but he doesn’t have all the fixins as they are not open but he can sell us a beer. 

So we get three beers, $2 each and enjoy the company.  It is good for Michael to get out even if it is for a short while.  Another round and we surf the net a bit and catch up and then head back to the ship.  It was a good break Michael said.

Back on board we stop by the coffee bar to get an infused tea and then we decide to share a pizza from Alfredos.  It is around 1:30 pm and it is relatively quiet.  All aboard isn’t until 3:30 and many are ashore today.  Our old waiter Dragisa is serving us and we catch up.  The pizza is delicious!

Once in the cabin we are both relaxing ready when we can’t keep our eyes open.  Why fight it - nap time.  And we wake as we pull away from the pier feeling refreshed.

Today marks half way thru our vacation and it feels like a long time but then it also feels like a short time.  I don’t want it to end, probably because I am not sure when we will get to sail again and we will miss so many people here.

Tonight we have no set plans.  People are excited as there is NFL Playoffs tonight.  New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos is on at 4 pm and then Arizona Cardinals vs Carolina Panthers is on at 7 on the MUTS Screen (Satellite Permitting - but it is usually good).  They even have a huge tailgate party happening there before hand, so it should be quite fun for those wanting to watch.

For us we don’t watch football so we are looking forward to a quiet night on board - I am sure the dining room will be quiet.

It is no smoking night in the Casino, there is Holiday Store at Sea Sale, shuffleboard play, LGBT Get Together, Discover at Sea Trivia: Velocity, Perry Grant (who I personally don’t really care for but he has a HUGE following), Production Show What the World Needs Now @ 8:15 and 10:30, Stargazing with Discovery at Sea, I’ll take Trivia for 100 Gameshow, Bing, Majority Rules Gameshow, and so much more.  

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