Monday, January 25, 2016

Barbados Evening

After a nice nap we shower and dress for dinner.  The ship does feel quiet.  Many are watching football playoffs.

We head to Concerto Dining room just before 8 pm and we are sat at a lovely table for two.  Our waiter and assistant waiter shine and it appears that even though it is quieter in the dining room the waiters have more tables as many have been sent up to the Horizon Court to deal with more diners there.  But our waiter isn’t fazed at all.

Bernie loves the tomato gazpacho and asks if he can have a bigger bowl, no problem.  I start with the hot pot soup and then the small serving of fettucine alfredo.  For my main course I get the braised short ribs which just fall off the bone and are very flavourful.  We have a lovely bottle of wine and order two more to be sent to the cabin.

We have just used our 12 bottle wine card so we buy another 7 bottle Silver Card.

Nothing on the dessert menu jumps out at us so I suggest a sundae and Bernie’s eyes shine - YES.  We sit in the ice cream bar and share a Turtle Sundae and watch the dancers slide along the dance floor to the live music.  Have to say I think this ship is the best for Ballroom Dancing. The floor is large and it is beautiful to watch from every level of the Atrium.

After our sundae we walk right next store and sit down at the bar in Vines.  We haven’t had a Bramble yet (the Brambles on the Island just didn’t cut it so we cautiously order one here).  Ronnie never ceases to amaze us and the drink is PERFECT!  Yum…

We sit and chat with Ronnie and we chat with Wilf, who is getting off at the end of this voyage for his vacation.  We discuss drinks, alcohol, and different spirits.  Wilf is very knowledgeable in all as this is what he studied.  He shares his knowledge with us and we have learned so much.  In fact he has spiked our interest in some new drinks and especially some new brands of alcohol.   I still think it would be great if Princess did a tasting table and discussed other spirits. 

It is just before 11 pm when we crash for the night - another great day.

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