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Two sea day! February 27 and 28, 2014

drinks and sushi at Vines

First I believe I mentioned that we were going to arrange to get a table for just the two of us for Da Vinci and we have arranged a set table that can accommodate us but also four so we have our friends join us occasionally.  We are given table 514 in Da Vinci and it is a great table.  The first night took a bit of getting use to things, but the second night it was great and the waiters are getting their groove. 

We got a call from Room Service asking what we would like in our upcoming mini bar that will be replenished when we arrive in Buenos Aries.  With over 800 elite they are smart to do this cause so many need to edit it anyways and will save them time in the end.  For us we want all Vodka and no tonic water replace it with soda water.

Jasper Enjoying Captain Circle Party as an Elite Member now
The second sea day we were up early so we decided to go to the dining room as soon as it opened for breakfast.  I was craving pancakes but it was not meant to be in the end.  We are sat right away at a table for two in a large row of twos along the bench seating.  They take our order and then we wait and wait and wait.  A half hour later we got our pancakes for me and Bernie eggs with pancakes.  I wanted sausage with my pancakes but they were not there so I asked and it was delivered quickly.  I spread the whipped butter onto the pancakes and right away I see the butter is not even melting.  Hmmmm pour on the syrup and take a bite and they are ice cold.  Bernie’s eggs are overcooked and his pancakes are cold.  We just got up and left after a few bites.

Bernie went up to Horizon Court for some oatmeal and I decide to try an egg sandwich at the Horizon Court.  I wait for it to get heated up and I sit at the coffee bar to enjoy but the one side of the English Muffin is hard as a rock, I can actually knock on it and I try to bite it but it is hard I am afraid I might break a tooth.  They seem to have heated it up on a flat griddle and caused it to become like this.  I go back to the International CafĂ© for a new one and ask for it not to be cooked as long.  He just gets me one without heating it up at all and I am given it and I touch it and it is cold and just hand it back to him and say no thanks.

Oh no… this day is not starting out very well.  I go sit in Vines and wait for Bernie who comes down and he looks frustrated too and tells me he enjoyed his oatmeal but with them serving us it is hard, not enough milk added and too much sugar as the staff do the adding.  But we can deal with that and understand why they are doing it.  He tells me too that he tried a yoghurt from the HC and it comes in a container and it was warm.

He needs a tea but the queue is LONG and so we sit down and when I see Beatrix and I tell here we need her help, she smiles ear to ear and says “anything for you” and she delivers me my latte and Bernie his tea made perfectly.  Ahhh this day is getting better.

I do want to say the staff are doing an amazing job and cleaning the ship and dealing with all this extra work.  The Captain does inform us that they are gaining the upper hand on it and we have our fingers crossed this will end soon.
We have been enjoying the Port Lecturer Julio Delgado.  He is very knowledgeable on every port and he has great pictures.  I also love that the lectures are televised in the cabin the next day on channel 44 so we can watch at our leisure and take notes too.  His Rio lecture was very good.  He also has desk hours so that you can ask him questions too.
Cameron the Captain Circle Host, sailed with his on Emerald 

Lots of activities throughout the day but we end up going up on the sun deck to get some sun and some swimming and we relax.  It is very very hot and humid and 60 spf is in order. 
I tried to go to the casino but when I put my card in the machine to set it up it says there was a problem.  I went to the cashier and asked and they checked it and they said there was no problem and to go to the purser’s desk.  I take this as a sign and decide maybe the casino is not something I should be doing.  I will add the casino seems to be dead this voyage.  But I know the shorter 7 day voyages it is crazy busy and makes up for these longer voyages.

We also had Captain Circle Parties over the past few days.  They had to hold four different parties because of so many Platinum and Elite Members.  Our party was the second night at 7:30.  We notice a few differences implemented because of the Red Alert.  Captain is not there to shake everyone’s hand but he does do a speech and he talks for quite a while and he is hilarious.  Could act as a comedian on board I say.  There are also not handing out any appetizers, which is fine but we do enjoy two cocktails.

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  1. Glad you are enjoying Julio lectures - he was a great help on my SA cruise last year.