Friday, March 28, 2014

Sea Day – March 26, 2014

Jasper tries on some bling from the Silent Auction

I love sea days and after two days in port the crowds seem to be ready.  I am writing this on the 28 so I am racking my brain to try and remember what we did each day and night.
Most of our days are spent relaxing in the cabin first thing.  The weather is warm again and we love sitting out on the balcony and enjoy our coffees and look out at the ocean.

We run into Sherri and Ken and catch up with them in the coffee bar, it has been awhile since we have seen them.  Amazing you can be on the same ship and not see each other. 

Cabin is still taking quite a long time to get cleaned in the morning.  We were gone for four hours and when we came back it was still not cleaned so we went off again.  This steward Ronalda does his job but he is not great.  I finally had to ask for some items that should be standard.  Soap, beach towels, clean the mirror (not sure what was smeared all over it when he cleaned it last time).  Sadly this steward is worse than the last one.  But still sure beats the heck out of cleaning it myself.

We end up having lunch in the dining room with Barb and Craig.  I had the Mediterranean Panini again LOVE IT.  Oh and for dessert they have a banana split and we all indulge in one.  It is just the right size and much smaller than the volcano.

Lots going on around the ship.  Hole in One Challenge, Zumba, lecture about Puntarenas with Julio, Horse Racing, Scrabble get together, Bar Wars, Enrichment Lecture about the Mystery of the Pyramids with Jeffrey Wolff, Move The Place Beyond the Pines, Soccer 3 on 3, Tango class, Carpet Bowls, Muts is showing Overboard then Billy Joel Concert then Frozen, Afternoon Tea, Trivia.

I have Afternoon Tea and really enjoyed it today – I had only one small sandwich and one scone and they were less salty this time.  It is lovely that Princess still does Afternoon Tea, it is a civilized break in the afternoon.

Barb and Craig invite to their balcony for drinks.  They have the last aft cabin on the Starboard Side that is large and you can see right down the side of the ship.  It is not very private, everyone can look up and down and see you and the walls that surround you are all metal and can be quite noisy when the sounds bounce off it.  Another downfall is that if you want to see to the right you can’t really do it cause of the wall.  The positives are that it is large, you can easily accommodate four, you have a stunning view down the ship.  We have also noticed quite a bit of vibration when we are back there.

We see quite few pods of dolphins – large numbers and they are playing in the surf.  Many jump up and right out of the water.  Sadly I didn’t have my camera but I loved watching them. 

Back in the cabin we are kind of lazy (why I don’t know we have done nothing all day).  The remains of the sunset have drawn us outside.  We sit and enjoy the skies for about 45 minutes and really take it all in.  This moment of Relaxation is Brought to You By Princess Cruises.

We decide to head down to the dining room for dinner, it is always lovely to see Mark and Lorelei. 

Just as we are leaving we run into Johan who was looking for us and we sit in Vines and enjoy a bottle of wine.  Anthony is there and he serves us.  We haven’t been in Vines much this leg.  The first two legs we were here more.  We catch up with him and he comments that Mark Cornish’s show was excellent and we agree to go see him for the 10:15 show.

Mark Cornish is one of the cruise staff.  We have sailed with him before and he has an amazing talent of not only being a great cruise staff but he has an amazing voice too.  He is quite comical too and has many of us singing along and laughing.

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