Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Cape Horn and Sea Day March 12, 2014

When things go bump in the night… and bump and bump and bump.  The seas are rocking and a rolling and when Bernie comes back with the coffees (and two hot almond croissants) he comments that there are people crashed in Explorer’s on the couches.  I think quite a few people are having a hard time with the motion.  The sickness bags are out too at every possible place.

I certainly can feel and see the motion but I should be fine but do take two ginger tablets just in case. 

When we look outside we see Albatross, the largest sea birds that spend most of their lives at sea.  There are tons of them out there first thing this morning, and we try to deal with the elements but damn it is windy and that is not comfortable.

When we look out again it is snowing, then hail, then rain, then go figure sun!  The tv channel shows winds at around 45 to 50 knots and it is hitting us on the side and the ship is bobbing.

I am sitting in bed watching Captain Phillips on the stateroom tv and even though I am not into violent movies I can’t stop watching.  I cover my face but have to peak thru my fingers to see what is going on.

Bernie has gone to morning trivia and then I join him for Motown Trivia (we didn’t do that great at either) and when I head down to the International Café they are so busy.  I see Thais and Beatriz and I say “wow this is crazy” they giggle and say “oh yeah” and I respond “don’t these people know about room service”. 

Lunch in Café Caribe is a Mexican Buffet so we head up and I am surprised at how busy it is.  It is quite good and you have to sit near the aft cause if you sit near the mid ship doors in Horizon Court you will freeze every time the doors open. 
I should add that they have closed off the Promenade deck due to safety as the spray and bouncing of the ship is just too dangerous. 

The Captain comes on for the noon announcement and informs us that because of the wind we just can’t safely go around the horn today.  Plus if we did go slow and safely around the horn we would be so late getting into Ushuaia.  This is too bad but I trust the Captain, and we have been around the horn before and the last time we froze out there and the weather was much much nicer.

We are back in the cabin mid afternoon, we thought about going to see Twelve Years a Slave which is being shown in the Princess Theater but it is packed in there and we decide to just relax in the cabin. 

Barb and Craig have invited us to their cabin for drinks at five and I decide since they have never been around the horn I need to improvise.  So I draw a picture of a horn!  Yup a horn.  So we all pose with the picture and say “see we have been around the horn”  and really the land in the distance looks like the horn too.  We enjoy a great time with friends and this to me is really what cruising is all about.

We are down in Vines to enjoy the rest of our wine from the other night and we head to our table at 8 pm and we see it is just getting set up.  Mark welcomes us and we enjoy a lovely meal, I had the lychee watermelon salad, the gazpacho soup, and the barramundi for my main.

I am so not into doing much after dinner and we wader around a bit but we both decide to head back to the cabin around 11 pm.  

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  1. A pity for those people who have never been Round the Horn. Hope the weather is better for us next week when we do this, although we are going West to East this time. Hope you get into Ushuaia on this trip, we discovered we had Falkland Island stamps in our Passports, just hope there's no Argentinian passport control officer who's feeling a bit stroppy and stops us! Enjoy the rest of your cruise, we're already missing free internet that Princess gives us.