Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Stanley, Falkland Islands March 11, 2014

We are pulling into the harbor of Stanley and I am up early cause the last time we pulled in here we could see the penguins swimming along the ship.  Today though I see not a one.  I even head down to Promenade deck at 6:30 am and again don’t see any penguins in the water or on shore near Gypsy Cove.  We are over two weeks later this time so maybe they are gone.

Temperature is around 11C/52F which is great if you are on land with no wind but with the wind at sea it is cool, and layers are key.  Note that the Falklands are at the same latitude as England is but in the Southern Hemisphere.
Today tender service is going to be long.  We are anchored just outside the harbor and the tender ride will be a half hour each way.  Priority tendering service for Elite and Suites are to meet in Da Vinci Dining room as there are over 800 of them.  All others meet in Michangelo Dining Room.  All aboard is 5 pm.

Stateroom Movie is Last Vegas.  They are showing the movie The Book Thief in the Princess Theater.  Tonight’s Stateroom Movie is The Way Way Back.  Princess Theater is featuring Viviana Guzman.  It is Rock and Roll Night in Explorers and Dan is hosting Majority Rules Gameshow.

Our plan is to go ashore later and walk around.

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