Monday, March 24, 2014

San Martin, Peru - March 24, 2014

humming bird

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I wake early and Bernie is gone.  I know he is excited about today and when I glance over at the clock and see that it is 7:00 am I realize boy he is really excited and is up and dressed and gone to breakfast.

The port of San Martin has really nothing, actually when we dock and we look out this is what we see!

You will find a few vendors down on the pier.

The ship is selling transportation to the nearest town which is Paracas for $8 per person, each way.  There you will find stores, restaurants, and tours.  There are a few taxis on the pier and we are told that you need local currency (although I be they would take US) and there are also some there selling tours with Taxis too.

Originally I was going to head into Paracas but since Bernie has gone off and I feel a bit under the weather and since I would have to travel to this place I am thinking of just staying on board for the day.  My friends were going to accompany me ashore but even they feel like staying on board too.

I head up to the Horizon Court for a bit of breakfast, I pick out some pancakes to see if I get some hot ones.  I take from the bottom of the tray and add some butter and warm syrup.  Nope they are cold too, even the butter didn’t melt.  Okay it is a sign, I shouldn’t eat pancakes.  The Chorizo sausage was quite good though.

The Crew Emergency Drill is going on and it is a long one – and since there a so many people still on board and service is at minimum standards it is a bit busy around.  The Coffee Bar is crowded but Natashia finds me and gets me a cappuccino very quickly and hot.

I had a lovely conversation with a couple from Chile that now live in Canada.  We talked for about an hour.  They sailed down from the US in December and stayed in Chile for the winter and are now sailing back North. 

I decide to head ashore to see the little stalls selling stuff and walk to the end of the pier.   Lots of little trinkets for sale, sweaters, t shirts, magnets, jewelry and well you name it.  Didn’t buy anything…

I walk down to the end of the pier and see the birds sitting on the top of the pilons, there is even a nest with some babies. 

There are a few huge Jelly Fishes in the water too, HUGE.
Back on board about a half hour later I relax and read and then head upstairs to Horizon Court for a plate of food and take it back to the cabin to enjoy and watch a movie.  Juno is playing on tv and I watch the last hour of it.

Bernie comes back just before 4:20 and he comes in the cabin and he is like a kid at Christmas as he tells me all about his day.  

Here is his story:

Met up with Michael in the International Café at 8:30 and he was there with Jan and so we sat and talked about our upcoming day and we are both so excited.  He too had a hard time sleeping cause he was so excited and looked forward to the day.

We met up with Joe who was already there waiting for us.  He still had to wait for one other couple and another was already with us.  We got in the van and left at 9:25 but he had informed us because of weather conditions, the fog was too thick.  The trip would be delayed as earlier scheduled trips would go first. He suggested we wait in Paracas and even offered to take us on a tour for a price but we declined.


We were told to meet up in front of the restaurant in town at noon so Michael and I wander around the town and shopped and had a couple of beers.  Met at five to 12 and again he was right where he said to meet up on time.
He put us in a car and they drove us to the airport, note he did not speak English.  He waited while we had our flight and drove us back.

At the airport, note it isn’t big.  We checked in, they asked for our passports.  We then had to get on a scale and this determined our seat on the plane.  We were then given a boarding pass.  The planes accommodate 12 people and we all had window seats. 

The flight to the lines took about 25 minutes then we stayed over the lines for about 45 minutes and about 15 minutes back.  Warning this is a small plane so turbulence is felt.  And to get the views of the images is a bit gut trenching, so when they warn about air sickness they mean it.





The Captain was very good at telling what we were looking at and where to look. 

From start to finish and seeing each picture increased the aww and enhanced our experience.  Words can’t describe.  It is a trip of a lifetime and something I can cross off my bucket list, but I want to do again.

Time was short so as soon as we got out of the airport our driver was waiting and drove us quickly back to Paracas. Joe was there to meet us and drove us back to the ship with 10 minutes to spare. 

I arranged the tour with Mystery Peru you can reach them at their website by clicking here  The airline they use is Aerodiana at You can also reach Joel Werlen of Latin American Secrets Custom Itineraries and Set Tours at 

Bernie is tired and hungry and so he just grabs some food from the International Café and I get some salad from the Horizon Court.  An impromptu gathering on the balcony later with Johan for wine and pizza and staring up at the stars.  

It was a great day and we are both in bed early.  Big day tomorrow, an all day tour in Lima.

Things happening tonight:  Variety Showtime with Steven Scott (Comedian), Vocalist Sonia Selbie, MUTS showing Last Vegas, Trivia, Princess Pop Star, and the regular bands and disco of course. 


  1. Bernie's adventure sounds like it was great. Glad he made it back in time!

    1. yes he took all the pictures himself - I taught him well

  2. I bet that was awesome. Are those Bernie's photos? ... they turned out really good. - john ripper

  3. That sounds like an awesome day for Bernie. One day I will also cross this off our bucket list as well. Were those Bernie's photos or google photos? They were very good. - John Ripper

  4. Hi John, it was an amazing day and he really wants to do it again some time. Yes those are Bernie's pics. Did have to darken some of them as it was so bright.