Sunday, March 16, 2014

At Sea – Amalia Glaicer Chile, March 15, 2014

Since we are sailing on the South Pacific currently we are encounter some more high winds.  Movement isn’t too bad but when I wake I notice it and we toss and turn and then decide to just get up and grab a bite to eat up in Horizon Court.

I grab a biscuit, some muselix, a waffle (which was cold) and some fruit.  Still having an issue with the food being very salty for our taste and there is not a lot I can do about it so I am trying to deal with it. 

We head down to the International Café for my latte and we read for a bit and people watch and catch up with everyone.  With such a long voyage everyone is getting to know each other and it is feeling extra special on board now.

I forgot to mention that last night we watched a great movie in the cabin Philomena with Judy Dench that we both really liked.  Great movie selections on board, very current and many Oscar nominated ones too.

Today there are quite a few movies playing including Dallas Buyers Club, The Lone Ranger, 12 Years a Slave, The Book Thief and Captain Phillips.

I decide to head back to the cabin for some pampering.  I give my hair a deep conditioning treatment, and a facial too and relax.  Ahhhh lovely.

Bernie is craving a burger from the dining room so we are planning on having lunch in there.

Our friends’ renewal of vows that was scheduled for tomorrow has had to be rescheduled due to the Captain needing to be on the bridge that day because of an anticipated bad weather…. Stay tuned.

Things happening about the ship today include:  bible study, line dance class, basketball shootout, tango dance class, ping pong (which I might add is very popular and they are organizing their own tournaments), Lecture on Queen Elizabeth 2, French Speakers’ get together, carpet bowling, Zumba (sadly still at 12:15), musicians get together, soccer penalty kicks, art auction, lecture on seahorses, teachers get together, trivia, afternoon tea, and finally the Amelia Glacier viewing later afternoon.

Lunch was very good, Bernie loved his burger and I had the Mediterranean Panini, we were lucky enough to get Mark to serve us, oh and Bernie wants to add he got Pasticcio ice cream, three scoops! 

With Bernie having a nap I wander around and chat with friends then bundle up in my fleece, and wind breaker and my hat and head up on the Lido and Sun deck to check out the beauty while travelling to Amelia Glacier.

The Horizon Court is packed but the outdoor venues are quiet, for now.  Julio the port lecturer comes out to give his commentary (sadly they didn’t broadcast it into the cabins too), but you could hear it all on the open decks.  The views here along the channel are stunning, makes me really think of British Columbia.

As we approach the glacier there is quite a bit of ice in the water, certainly a lot more than the last time we were here.  The ice in the water will determine how close we can get to the glacier. 

We approach and Amelia Glacier is on our port side, the wind and rain has stopped, it is perfect out.  The view is beautiful, and so amazing to realize we are in the Chilean Fjords looking at a glacier!

We see Lisa Ball up on deck and I have to tell her I was amazed that she read the letter on air.  She said she really like the letter and was happy for a fun/nice comment.  We really do like Lisa as a CD, she is out there but not overly.  You can see her running her team but making sure everything runs smoothly.  She is fun and always smiling!  And so approachable and kind and welcoming to suggestions, even the crazy ones.

The Captain said he will be turning around so we head down to our cabin with Barb and Craig for drinks to toast the lovely sights.

We get an amazing view from our balcony and the ice in the glass clinks away as we raise our glasses to another amazing day.  We even see a sea otter in the water as it bobs up and down.  Lots of sea birds, and apparently a school of dolphins were at our bow but we missed them.

The Captain comes on to talk about our day and what we have in store, since we are heading back out into the Pacific he warns us there are some high winds expected later tonight until mid morning when we will enter into sheltered channels making our way up to Puerto Montt.  He tells us to secure items in the cabin just in case.

Barb and Craig are joining us for dinner tonight at 7:45 and as I come down to the International Café many of the staff come up to say hi and tell me they saw Bernie over there… oh they take such good care of me/us.

Mark and Lorelei are busier tonight, they have the two tables of two and a table of six, the table of 8 is still empty.  But they are busy initially.

We bring a bottle of bubbly that we enjoy and I start with the beef satay dish which is one of our favorites, in fact Bernie ordered a second to share with Craig.  I then had an appetizer size fettuccini which I could eat half of to save room, then I enjoyed the Rock Cod served with rice for my entrée.  Dessert of course was the key lime pie that is very good too.  Bernie commented since there was no more pistachio ice cream he too would have the key lime pie.  When Mark returns with our dessert he gives Bernie a small bag of pistachios and says it isn’t ice cream but I hope you enjoy these!  And he hands me a small chair made from the cork of the champagne and says “for the Princess”. 
Boy we are so happy with these two servers. 

In fact many things have turned around this voyage.  Seems like the crew are running much more smoothly, the passengers seem to have settled down too.  Although there are still the occasional constant complainers (nothing will make them happy) but most are pleasant and there seems to be a true friendship developing amongst us all we are on for such a long time.

After dinner we enter into Explorers but the show with Vincenzo Martinelli is still going on so we wait for a bit and hope to get a seat when it ends for Dan’s trivia at 10:15.  Sadly this was not the case the place is packed and we manage to grab a seat but only the couch.  Bernie and Michael scan for a seat and are standing there.  I am tired and really not as into this as Bernie is and decide just to head back to the cabin.

Bernie returned an hour and a half later and said he enjoyed it but really needed me there.  I was much more comfortable in the cabin where I watched the morning show and read.

The ship is rocking a bit because of the wind but it isn’t too too bad.

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