Monday, March 24, 2014

March 23, 2014 – Second Half

I haven’t mentioned but I finally got the cold that seems to be travelling around the ship.  Again I have to say “it could be worse, I could be at work with a cold”.  At least I get to relax at sea today and pamper myself.  And it has hardly slowed me down that much.

I am achy and I know a shower will make me feel a whole lot better and it does. 

Passenger Services comes by and delivers the passports for Bernie as he needs it for tomorrow and his trip to the Nazca lines.  He had to inform them the day prior that he would require it back and he was able to get it after the Peruvian Officials had stamped all the passports.  In fact they told us we could now keep our passports in our safe as the countries remaining that we will be visiting do not require to see and stamp our passports.

I meet up with Bernie just outside Crooners and we catch up with friends on board that we have met.  That is one thing with these long voyages you really get to met a lot of passengers and they soon become good friends and we look forward to running in to them on board and catching up.  When you are on a shorter voyage you just get to meet them and you or they are off the ship.

We head to Da Vinci dining room and it is really quiet in here, in fact Mark and Lorelei don’t have anyone in their section. But that quickly changes.  They are both such amazing servers that the passengers ask for them often.  He is so much fun too and we are now teasing both of them.  They will be missed when we go home.

Johan joins us and well all I can say is with him and Bernie I was teased a lot tonight, kind of like hanging out with a younger brother, pest I said to him.  They were bugging me because I was in a bit of a grumpy mood – yes I do get in a grumpy mood sometimes.  But I was over it but they just wouldn’t let it go – pest like I said.  But I love them both.

I see the Thai soup is on the menu!  I so need it tonight and ask for a big bowl and when he brings it to me it is huge and the guys each have the small bowl.  I really wish I would have had my camera it was quite a funny site to see. 

I then had the scallops for my entrée and I am in heaven, that is such a good dish.  Then the mango sorbet to end on a sweet note.

Johan had to leave for a bit to head to the casino as one of the passengers won big on the slots $17,000, yup it does pay out.  I then found out that later on today another person won $5,000.  Darn it, it wasn’t me!

Johan recommends a Camomile tea to help me sleep and get a restful sleep too so we all head down to the International Café and I get my tea and we then head back to the cabin and I change and crawl into bed and by 11 pm I am sound asleep.

Another great day.

There is a lot going on tonight:  Stateroom Movie The Hobbit, Variety Showtime featuring Bobby Brooks Wilson (people were raving about him), Country & Western Night, MUTS The Way Way Back, Country Trivia, Slot Tournament, Ballroom Blitz Dance Class the Samba, Name That Tune, Disco Inferno in Skywalkers, and A Little Less Conversation with the Crown Princess Cast in the Piazza.

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