Saturday, March 1, 2014

Crown Grill – February 26, 2014

We dropped off a bottle of champagne to put on ice before our reservation.  We originally brought on a few bottles and we paid the corkage.  Princess put a little sticker on the bottle to identify that we paid the corkage.

We are sat at a great table overlooking the Promenade deck, and we laugh cause all we see are the people walking or jogging on the deck so we end up closing the blinds.

First thing we notice is it is quiet in here and I guess with such a long voyage people are opting to only dine here once or not at all.  We love it and it is special and we plan on dining here again for sure.

We enjoy the champagne and toast with Miriam (the head waiter and to seeing him again).  The bottle seems to empty quickly and we open the bottle of wine that Craig and Barb brought.  We ordered a bottle too from our wine package.
I start with the lobster cake and Bernie gets the mussels and both are so good.  The lobster cake is rich though and I decide to not eat it all so I can save room.

Of course the next item is the Black and Blue Onion Soup which well is to die for and we love it. 

My entrée is the filet mignon and I get a baked potato for the side and we get a variety of sides to enjoy as well including mushrooms, asparagus, and creamed spinach.  It is all amazing, the steak is like butter! 

Service is good, they only had one waiter working here cause it just isn’t busy and even though she is busy she does maintain good service; although I do believe she could of used some assistance from an assistant waiter.

We are still on red alert so everything is getting served for us, salt/pepper, bread/butter, everything which makes it even harder.

We have the chocolate obsession cake with ice cream and add a bit of Himalayan salt to bring out the chocolate flavors. 

A round of Limocello is brought out for us and well I learned my lesson from them the last time and end up giving mine to Bernie who is feeling no pain at all.

We manage our way back to the cabin where we crash!

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