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Sea Day Number Two – March 27, 2014

Today marks 365 days we have sailed with Princess (actually I am 7 days more but want to celebrate with my honey).  It is also a formal night and we decide we will celebrate tonight with some champagne.

Today I surprise Bernie by heading up to Horizon Court with him for breakfast.  I had an egg, one sausage, some fruit, one piece of toast and all of it was hot, well not the toast but that is understandable.

What amazes me about this cruise is how crowded it feels.  Now we have sailed on this class of ship over 20 times and have never felt it so crowded as we have for these past 40 days.  The demographics of this cruise is much much older than we are use to.  I am sure this has to do with the length of the trip and that it sailed from a US port and returns to a US port.  Also these are very experienced cruisers they love their trivia and their evening shows.

Trying to find a seat in the International Café in the morning is a game of chance and speed (which works in our favor because we are much younger than most).  Trivia, both morning and afternoon is well how do I put it, survival of the fitness.  Some teams are downright mean!  And rude! 

Making really nasty comments to whoever is hosting.  People it is just a game!  Sadly some of the more nasty comments come from the most travelled passenger Ju. 

Every time I run into her she has some nasty thing to say about cruise staff, the ports, the ships, the officers, and even Princess.  Now really!  They have sailed over a 1,000 days more than us, you would think if she hates it that much she would just stay home.  Okay I have vented.

Lisa Ball the Cruise Director is giving a talk on Life at Sea.  She has prepared a presentation that talks all about ship life, chain of command, contracts, cabins, dining halls, how to get hired etc.  This is the first time I have seen this type of talk and I am interested.  I come early (20 minutes early) and the place is already ¾ full.  I take a seat along the back wall where I can’t see the podium but I love that they show the presentation on the tvs so it is not necessary to see her.

I took lots of notes and will prepare a full article that I will publish on my facebook page Cruising Princess Cruiseline with Vickie so look for it there in the note section.  Facebook page

What I was impressed with was Lisa saw how busy it was getting and called for more chairs to be delivered.  Also she took questions after the show, which is great, but also not so great.  Most people seemed to take the time to complain.
I even heard a woman complain on how there are not many hand sanitizers around the ship.  REALLY – I not sure why us North Americas have been hypnotized by these large companies like Purell that this is the be all end all for hand cleaning.  First it DOES NOT kill the Noro virus.  Second it does not replace proper hand washing.  Third people have a false sense their hands are clean and don’t wash them properly.  Wash your hands in the washroom with soap and water, dry with paper towel and you are good to go.  I have seen numerous people walk right by the washroom into the dining room and use the sanitizer there, and people leave and use the sanitizer and but walk right past the washroom again.  By using just the sanitizer you have not cleaned your hands of any viruses.  You are better off walking into washroom before a meal and washing your hands, and when leaving go in and wash again.  Okay I have vented again.

Theo is conducting the Zumba and I remember Theo from the Star.  He just boarded in Valparaiso.  I decide to stay for the class, and once again it is packed.

Back in the cabin we relax for a bit and I am trying to decide what I want to do this afternoon.  The Crossing the Equator ceremony is this afternoon. 

Oh I forgot to mention that Lauren did the noon announcement and she talked about crossing the Equator and made us laugh when she said we may all feel a bump when we cross. 

We opt for the ceremony since I missed it last time.  This time it is being held at the pool with the MUTS.  This is good and bad, they are videoing it and showing it on the big screen too but sadly many people have pushed their lounge chairs up to the glass on the second level meaning few people can watch from above.  Next time they should remove the lounge chairs so more can see.

Bernie and I sit around the pool bench and soon there throngs of people that I almost think about leaving but glad I stayed. 

Now many of you will rememeber that two years ago on the Star when I was a Pollywog I was picked to be in the ceremony.  That ceremony was quite different than this one.  This one was similar with the crimes the Pollywogs had committed but the rest was different.

Lisa Ball - Cruise Director

In the end lots of chocolate sauce, spaghetti, jello, cream were doused on the guilty Pollywogs and most of the crew that participated.  As an observer it felt like the ceremony was more about the crew having a food fight than the Pollywogs being included.  Seemed like the passengers watching and involved were more of an afterthought.  When I participated last time it didn’t get this bad and the four Pollwogs and the passengers were included more.  Click here to read about that day when I crossed the Equator for the first time.

It is late afternoon and I am hungry so we grab a small bite to eat.  I love the afternoon snack at the Horizon Court cause they serve baked potatoes.  I then add cheese, sour cream, chives and enjoy.

I have been experiencing a tummy ache all day – I am sure it is something I ate or drank.  I have been having a hard time digesting the milk in the latte and if I have two I find my tummy really acts up.  May be a lactose thing but find I don’t get the same problem at home.  Oh well, I am just going to have to watch myself. 

So we relax for a few hours in the cabin. I really don’t feel like going to dinner tonight.  I am not hungry and with this tummy ache I know I won’t be able to eat anything.  But we are celebrating and Johan is joining us so I dress in my formal wear and meet up with Bernie and Johan at 8 for dinner.

Champagne was served, toasts were made, picture was taken….. aren’t we fortunate.

Tonight is also lobster night and Bernie said he really enjoyed it.  The appetizer gnocchi was very salty again.  Me, well I had to apologize and bow out cause of sore tummy but I left Bernie in the very capable company of Johan.  The boys can have fun tonight without me. 

I head back to the cabin and watch Cocktail – yup the one with Tom Cruise – Hubba hubba.

Oh and by the morning my tummy was settled down and back to normal – fingers crossed and no latte for me today.

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