Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lima in the Evening

We are back on board around 5 pm and we are hot, dirty and tired.  I have a shower and lay down on the bed and I fall asleep for an hour and a half and wake up groggy and dazed. 

Dining room is completely open seating tonight, but we know what and who we want to sit with.  Mark and Lorelei.  Their section is quite and they are happy to see us since we missed them yesterday.

We are not very hungry and I just have a salad and a small serving of the pesto pasta with green beans and red potatoes.  Oh and they have one of my favorite sorbets, lime vodka sorbet. 

All aboard is 9:30 and there are a few things going on around the ship but not much.  Not many people are out and about – I am sure they are tired.

We walk by Explorer’s and see a magician – sorry I don’t remember his name because I later find out he was not scheduled for tonight because the originally scheduled performer Matt Henry did not arrive with his luggage so Lisa asked this other guy to perform.  I will try and get his name and come back and edit this blog with the real name.

The Princess Theater had a performance of Local Folkloric artists called Inkamerica which offered a taste of Peru.  The early show was packed and they were lining up for the late show before the first show let out.  Also heard there was numerous issues with people saving seats, bad!!!  We didn’t make it.  Actually even though we would love to see this type of show we tend to stay away from the very busy shows and look for quieter intimate venues.

We pop in to see Sanja in Facets to see how she faired after we dropped her off and she fills us in. 

We are up in the cabin around 11 pm and we sit out on the balcony and watch as we clear the channel.

Not sure when Princess installed the six extra decks to the forward elevators but this said 22 all day... a little giggle

We now have three sea days…. Ahhh I bet you can see my smile.

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